Monday, March 7, 2016

Just another weekend recap

Besides trying to sell allllll my random horse related crap I am not using, in addition to my TWO dressage saddles that dont fit my mare, I actually rode a good bit this weekend! Lately thats a big deal with the winter blues, especially since P was out of town so we didnt have our usual jump lesson.

Tillie happily schooling at home like its no big deal
I took the opportunity to school at home this is the second weekend in a row without a lesson and jumping on our own. While it may not be a big deal for most, it is for me...because there was a time I was genuinely afraid I would die if I tried to jump Tillie at all.

Last weekend we did the grids, which always makes me feel safer...this week we did a bit more course work and single jumps which tends to open the door for building or sass. BUT much to my delight, Tillie was a gem. This leads me to feel incredibly bad for doubting her it self preservation or PTSD, but I still dont always give her the benefit of the doubt.

The moment Tillie realized we were jumping a kids toy table
I admit, I need to be better in these situations really schooling...not just hopping on jumping around and basically coasting and overly enjoying Tillie being quiet by being a big kid and turning off my brain. My equitation goes out the window, My releases arent there, I dont do as good a job setting her up...etc. So basically I need to start having more purpose jumping at home.

Tillie couldnt have been better though and we did some bending lines, some jumps here and there. She wanted to get behind my leg and contact but be quick like she has the tendency to do, but I tried realllllly hard to not fuss with her and just let her sort it out over the height I had set.

Anyway, Emma was excited and pulled out the fun kid table for us to try which Tillie didnt even blink at.

Ignore my horrid equitation...Ill be beating myself the next few jump schools to force me to be better even when "having fun". 

I almost wimped out of riding on sunday after teaching all day, but realllllly glad I did because I tried a friends dressage saddle on Tillie and it was one of the better dressage schools we have had on our own that felt similar to what I get when I go to C. 

Tillie could actually canter without bracing on the reins...I had no idea how wrong it felt until I felt how right it could be in a better fitting saddle. I could do lengthenings and maneuver her better in the was all just so lovely.

We ended the short ride with a quick stroll through the gremlin field (most of the horses freak out up there) But Tillie was a solid citizen and walked around cool and calm! I was so proud of her :)

So now on to try to sell my saddles so I can get a new, better fitting one :/


  1. i thought your jump school was pretty darn awesome - tillie looked like she was just out for a stroll in the park haha

  2. You can really see in the second jump video how she rounds herself over the second jump - fill really does help them 'round up'! Good job.