Friday, March 4, 2016

Saddle fitting woes...

Just when I thought my saddles were fitted and I didnt have to worry about having a fitter well yea...I was wrong. I may need an entirely new dressage saddle. This makes me really sad. Like so sad.

I love my dressage saddle!!!
Its my very first dressage saddle...and its brown. So its unique and looks good on Tillie and she really hasnt told me shes uncomfortable in it. BUT we went to a C lesson weds and rode around and was describing to her a bit more what Tillie felt like in canter as we were working on the counter canter exercise.

I hadnt realized how chunky Tillie is until this photo...

She nodded and said if you arent in a rush, let me grab one of mine that I think will fit both of off she runs and brings back a gorgeous Custom Saddlery saddle. Its the same one I actually rode in when I rode her mare Star.

I climbed on Tillie and the difference even at the walk was immediate. She had way more swing in her back and was more willing to move out. I chalked it up to just the saddle feeling new to me and since we already had an almost full lesson so she was nice and loose. 

Then we moved into trot...and I found myself really having a hard time sitting the trot. Sitting trot has never been nice since we are just starting, but C started laughing because Tillie's back was just that much more loose, so it was night and day....kind of like trying to sit the trot on Star. I felt like a kid, I just couldnt do it. 

All ready to go in her new halter!!!

The biggest difference of all came when C said ok now try a canter. Tillie had the most balance uphill canter...there was no leaning or bracing on the reins, it was just nice. I expressed how just awesome it felt and C said she had a hunch my saddle was causing me to tilt my pelvis down essentially riding Tillie downhill...

Munching before the lesson

So I ask her what her saddle cost....a whomping $2500 used. Le sigh. I really cant afford that right now with just buying a trailer. Of course things like this happen when you least expect them to I guess. Tillie has really filled out a lot since I first got that saddle....

Look at that thick neck!!
 This image below is from the summer...she just looks so good in this tack!

Well I guess my first thing to try is have a fitter out to see if I can have my current one widened enough to fit...if not then on the hunt for a cheaper version of the one I tried. 


Side note, my husband actually came to watch the lesson....hes maybe seen me ride less then 10 times and he was kinda adorable asking C questions. Oh and the fact she mentioned I needed a saddle in front of him so I didnt have to come home and tell him I was looking for yet another saddle. LOL

So I am trying to sell my PF dressage saddle....that one is also too narrow for Tillie :(


  1. Boo! Hopefully you can find a steal. Stinker sold me on the difference a well fitting saddle can make. Good luck shopping

  2. Hey you never know! I got my Custom (an old, discontinued one that was green, had a bunch of nicks on the cantle, and needed a minor flap repair) for $650. It was just sitting at a tack store gathering dust and generally looking like crap. But under the greenish mold over the plate I saw "ustom" and immediately grabbed it.

    Hopefully you can find something that works for both of you!

  3. If I could find a used Custom for $2500, I'd be in debt in a minute to put my butt in that...

  4. ugh why is saddle fitting so complicated tho?!? :'(

  5. womp womp... Hopefully it goes easy and painless for you!

  6. Boooo saddle shopping. I hope you can find an inexpensive option (barnsby dressage saddles are quite nice and not crazy expensive...maybe worth a look? they fit me and most horses I've ridden quite well)

  7. Ugh. No! I hope you can find a good deal on the perfect saddle.