Monday, March 21, 2016

An ode to the weekend warriors

Being an equestrian means a lot of things to a lot of people...but for most of us that have full time jobs, our activity tends to ramp up over the weekends. Its when I teach lessons, schedule appointments for the massage therapist, chiro and acupuncturist (Those are all for my horse not me!). Its when I get to go to lessons, clinics or shows to continue to improve and grow.

GEC's finest weekend warriors... all smiles rain or shine!
That also means I never really get to have down time to do what most non-equestrians do like clean their houses (ahem horses), grocery shop or errands. Nope. My evenings and weekends are dedicated to all things horses.

I am so in love with this sport, that not having that down time is ok (my husband may disagree ;) but luckily for me he is supportive and helps me out with those things). But it really does sometimes feel like I over do it and go non-stop that by the time Sunday evening rolls around, I feel like I need another day off to just sleep, or have that massage therapist work on me too!).

Its the good kind of tired though. I feel like I have accomplished something...even when I am stressed or worrying (I am a worry warrior too remember) I can get into bed and fall asleep a little easier than most. I am not exaggerating, I dont even need a bed...Ill fall asleep sitting upright with wine still in hand.

I often hear the generalizations made about the sport and equestrians alike...sure a few (ok most) of them are true, but nothing ever replaces the network you enter into. I have made more truly supportive friends in the equestrian world than anywhere else (no I was never in a sorority but it sorta feels like my barn friends fall into that category.)

When your friend is dedicated to take this photo and
video of a lesson despite it being frigid, freezing rain/snowing - Only a true equestrian gets it.

It never really occurred to me all the years riding alone, how much I needed a support system. Riding with other weekend warriors like myself has made it possible to feel good about my riding, feel encouraged and feel happy with what I am doing. I feel sad when I hear stories of barns where all there is is endless drama. Sure there is always drama at any barn, but I feel pretty darn lucky to be able to have buddies to be able to push me to try new things and get out of my comfort zone.

I bust my tail to afford this sport, as many of us do. So most of us know how important the time is we get outside of the office with our horses. Its pretty amazing when you think about all of us out there, juggling this on top of working. It requires dedication not just financially, but mentally and physically as well.

So to all the other hard working, dedicated equestrians out there. I got your back and will see you in the ring ;)


  1. here here! see you in the ring!

  2. I love this! And I totally envy your group of people. I love my barn but I'm pretty much the only adult that rides regularly.

  3. Love this!! <3 Got your back too!

  4. I love this! I need this kind of barn family in my life.