Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Goals

With competition season fast approaching...I am aware I need to crack down on a few goals for both myself and for Tillie. 

My monthly goals are sort of spilling over month after month and sometimes are there sometimes arent, so I dont consider them confirmed (release being better, heels down over fences and on landing...)

I am going to break it down by phase and then by rider and horse.

  • ME:
    • Work on my crookedness issues
    • Ride the outside aids more
    • Improve sitting trot
    • Ride the canter more brave and comfortably (ll gaits for that matter)

    • Improve right hind weakness
    • Get stretchy trot more confirmed
    • Get the right shoulder lifting more
      Dressage skillz
  • ME:
    • Dont get handsy before a fence
    • Wait with my shoulders if I dont see a distance
    • Get braver and ride the more forward distance
    • Better timing on the half halt
    • Release more!!
    • Heels down more


    • Jump more uphill more of the time
    • Stretch more over fences
    Exhibit A
  • ME:
    • ALL stadium goals still apply lol
    • be braver about down hill terrain and down banks
    • Let Tillie go more forward and trust her
    • Canter fences!!!! no more trotting everything
    • Gallop/canter more uphill
    • Jump without looking at the jumps all the way over so its more uphill
    • Be able to boldy jump skinnier fences and brush without hesitation
    • How not to jump a roll top:
I am happy to hear tips on achieving any of the goals listed above! 


  1. My and horses bravery is always improved by hacking out and doing hills (also works that booty!)

  2. lots of excellent goals!!! super exciting to think that the competition season is really truly arriving :D

  3. Hills will really help her hind too. Poor Pongo had to do hill work in a dressage trot with straight and even contact. He hated me for it but it did wonders for his weak hind leg. And gave him a beefy booty.

  4. Great list! Don't forget the have fun doing it all part.