Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Saddle fitting woes part 2

This weekend the saddle fitter made her second appointment back to see us after doing some tracings and watching me ride Tillie in a few saddles. She point blankly told me none of my current saddles are working for us. Whomp whomp.

She looked at 3 of the 4 saddles I own and ruled them out as long term saddles for us and recommended shopping for something else.

frustrated head desk bang head

You know how much of a pain in the ass it is to sell saddles? I mean, buying them is fun. Ill buy all day long if I have the money which right now is the issue...I just bought a trailer and saddle shopping was the last thing on my mind. That is until I rode in someone else's saddle at the whim of my dressage trainer and felt my horse suddenly transform from a freight train into a dancing queen (ok maybe not THAT drastic, but it was evident). 

She doesnt appreciate all I do with these mare faces

So  my fitter seems to be more concerned with my Stubben cross country saddle...its a smidge too wide on Tillie (though she hasnt been back sore or showing signs of discomfort) and the flap she really doesnt like on me for my length of leg. She really is stressing to replace this one first before a dressage saddle which kinda burns since I went into this fitting for a dressage saddle and threw in her looking at this one too because her pricing included multiple saddles. 

I guess I asked right?!

I have had no luck selling either of my 2 dressage saddles for the last few weeks...and Ive reduced the pricing way below their market value just to unload them. I guess no one is buying right now...I have NEVER had issues selling saddles before. 

When I purchased the saddle a few years ago
The fitter has recommended a kent and masters for our jump saddle and a Black Country eloquence for our dressage saddles. The price to purchase either one used let alone both is more than I have in my budget until I can sell the ones I have. 

So we will see...I am also toying with having my fitter work with Hertiage bespoke and doing all custom so I get 100% what I like for both saddles at the same price point. 

Luckily I dont have to rush, Tillie isnt complaining about what I am using right now but it will hurt a bit when the dressage saddle ive been borrowing from my friend is no longer around. Hence my reason for wanting to replace my dressage saddle sooner. 

ugh #horseworld problems!! 


  1. Ugh that sounds like the pits, I hope someone buys your saddles soon

  2. Ugh. It took 4.5 months for my dressage saddle to sell but it did happen. And I know that sinking feeling when you get told that your saddle just isn't working. Good luck! Hopefully you can find your magic unicorn saddle in your budget.

  3. Oh man. I dread the day I have to replace my one saddle. I can't imagine having to replace multiple saddles at the same time. Hops someone buys your saddles soon.

  4. What kind of dressage saddles are you selling (size/tree) -- I'm in the market and so is a friend of mine:)

    1. I am selling a passier grand gilbert 17.5" but I typically ride in a 17" and think it feels closer to that. I am also selling a phillipe Fontaine sold by stubben 17". Both are regular/medium trees but would work well for higher withered horses. Please email me if you want photos!

      Kaitlyndzn at

  5. That gif is so accurate, tho.

  6. Saddle fitting and selling is the worst. Buying sucks too when you aren't loaded. There aren't enough swears in the English language to describe how annoying it is. Hope you have some luck selling things soon. :)