Thursday, March 3, 2016

so much going on and not enough time...

I have been up to my eyeballs...and trying to keep up!!! It is all good, just stressful.

We have snow in the forecast tonight and tomorrow so I am hoping that the warmer weather we have had will make it just be a blip without setting us back. I actually was able to ride 2X this week...thats right, middle of the week rides!!! Woooo!!

How Tillie feels about me riding on a week night.
I was a bad horse mom and totally forgot to give Tillie her depo Sunday so brought it to give to her Tuesday...unfortunately I do think it affects Tillie more than I realized and she was in a meh kinda mood for our ride. She just didnt have the work ethic she has had lately, which given this was our first time riding an additional day could have been just sheer tiredness while we rebuild strength.

Me tired? NOOOOOOO...

I felt a built guilty because I did get frustrated in the ride and realized I am falling into the trap of comparing to well this is what we did and how it felt the ride before. I need to ride the horse I have today and what I should have done is just did a hack around and loose rein work. But I did promise I wouldnt go down the coulda woulda shouldas so...we had an ok ride. **shrugs** they happen sometimes right?

Ah the little things like a dry freshly dragged arena
Tillie just didnt want to get off the right side, she was bending but not really bending. She didnt even really put up a fight when I kept asking for more which, in hindsight, I should have realized meant she was tired. But I tried starting slow to ease her into with stretchy trot and some light canter sooner in the rides like the clinician suggested. 

She was nice and quiet in the transition, just a bit sticky. I tried to start working on some of our dressage homework of lengethnings and Tillie is really starting to isnt perfect, BUT she will quietly come back really nicely now which allows me to be able to be braver and riding her more forward for that bigger trot. 

Isabelle happily hanging out while Emma sets jumps while we cool down

Tillie had a bit of a hard time maintaining the canter in our canter work when starting the counter canter exercise C gave us as homework...I let her settle and rebalance in the trot before cantering one more time before I just said ok its not our day for this. I finished the ride working towards stretchy trot.

so cut

But I have other big fun news to share! remember I was trailer shopping. I have been doing research and window shopping gradually getting more and more serious. 

And I finally decided and put a deposit down on this beauty!!!: 2001 Exiss 2 horse with a dressing room. I ran across it on a classifieds and it was a really good price for the shape that it is in. The tires are brand new, new brakes, new lighting etc. 

 The only downside is now having to wait for it!! UGH sooo hard lol. I am hoping to have it by the end of the month...worst case not until April after Rolex. GAH But either way im so excited!!!!


  1. Yay for the trailer! I got frustrated with Stinker last weekend and then felt terrible. It happens and they don't hold it against us. :)

  2. ha i really need to stop leaving izzy loose in the arena... she tried to exit the scene with Bali that night haha and i'm just lucky she didn't know how to open the (unlocked) gate!!

    seriously tho - yayayayayay trailer!! can't wait to see it in person!!

  3. Congratulations on the horse trailer - freedom is so exciting!

    Also - Tilly is SO cute <3