Monday, March 14, 2016

Its official!!!

I am beyond excited that I finally picked up my trailer Friday night! Eeeek!!!  Boy am I glad that I did because it surely got some use this weekend which Ill be filling you guys in on in future blog posts.

We were jet setting goers this weekend with Saturday being our usual jump lesson (finally felt good to be back there since its been 3 weeks since our last one!) and Sunday we had our fix a test dressage show. 

Tillie watching Krimpet acting a little sassy
Having that extra space and the dressing room was reaaaaallllly nice to have and of course I now want to spend even more money on more things to add to it. Lol go figure.

Does anyone have trailer must haves that you always keep in your trailer or add to yours?


  1. Yay! That is exciting. How did Tillie like the new wheels?

    1. She liked them!! She sniffed it at first the first time going to load her like...hey this isnt right. But I didnt have any issues with her moving around back there at all!

  2. So pretty! Congrats on the new addition!