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Thinline reins
Stubben Roxanne XC saddle
Herm Sprenger Shaped Snaffle
Thinline Open Front and Ankle boots
Professional Choice Pro Performance XC boots 

Thinline Reins (****)

I just purchased a pair brand new on clearance directly from Thinline and I am just as in love as the first time I rode in my trainer's pair last year. I have not had them that long but already they are easy to clean and maintain. My trainer's pair is probably older then I am (ok not really) but still are in fantastic shape with minimum issues for usage.

The reins are soft and like pillows for your fingers. They have really elevated the feeling of contact and elastic connection with my horse. What I love the most is that even with the rain or my hands sweating, there is no slipping or issues with grip. I can ride in them comfortably without gloves unlike my rubber reins.

I highly recommend!! Keep an eye on their sale page for great deals like the one I got: https://www.thinlineglobal.com/

Stubben Roxanne XC saddle (***)

I purchased this saddle used so it is hard to comment on how fast the leather broke in or not. I do really love this saddle as it puts you in a great position for cross country. The only reason I gave it 3 as opposed to 4 stars is it tends to put me personally in an overly defensive position/chair seat. I added modulations to the stirrup bars which have helped this issue of my lower leg too far forward. I otherwise love how secure the saddle feels. It is not ideal for flatwork and really is meant to be a jump saddle. It would probably be more comfortable flatting if it were a monoflap or had long billets to allow for a short girth and less bulk under the flap.

Herm Sprenger Loose Ring Shaped Snaffle (****)

This bit has made all the difference getting my OTTB mare soft and supple for our dressage. The price wasn't all that bad compared to other HS bits and it has held up quite nicely despite using it every single day both schooling and competing.

Thinline Open Front Boots and Ankle Boots (****)

I purchased these boots last year and couldn't be more thrilled with how well they have held up. I have the white pair which I was worried would stain or show wear easier, but they are still brilliant white! My mare has pretty small legs so some boots are hard to keep from shifting/twisting. These stay in place without needing to be too tight or causing rubs. They are also really easy to clean and quick to try. 

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