Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Gearing up for a busy weekend...

..and trying not to let the stress monsters win. I have a lot on my plate right now and I cant share it allllll just yet as some has to do with life outside of horses (all good things), but I have so much to juggle and its making my head spin.

In addition, I decided to add more to my plate with a weekend thats pretty much booked solid as far as time goes and if I run behind at any point, I will most likely be screwed. I am moving a students pony friday night, saturday am teaching lessons then going right to the Dom Schramm clinic and sunday rinse and repeat (yes I added a second day for the clinic!).

Tillie after our ride last night
I am excited I added the second day for the clinic....I am worried at how tired Ill be from hauling all that time each way, BUT I opted to do the second day after talking with the coordinator that the clinic is going to be geared as a progressive approach...first day grids, second day course work. I asked jump instructor P what level to do and she confirmed we should do the 2'11 - 3' classes, which I am ok with, but suddenly I am feeling nervous (Height usually isnt an issue for me, but this is a pretty public clinic and dont want to make a fool of us).

With that said, I need to not think of it as possibly making a fool of us, but rather why I am doing the clinic which is more experience for us. Those not so great "foolish" moments are what makes us grow right?

You know ones like these

Anyway, I have officially decided to put Tillie on pentosan for preventative maintenance as well as help her with any instances of hind end weaknesses like I felt in our last dressage lesson. She got her first dose Friday last week and Im pretty eager to see if I notice any difference.

Our schooling ride last night she felt pretty darn good even after having Sunday and Monday off. I was really tempted to jump a few things, but decided to be responsible and work on strengthening instead. We did big and small stride rating in all three gaits (I was super impressed with Tillie in the canter for this and how well she maintained elasticity in the trot) and then transitions from walk, trot and canter to the next gait up from the slow collected gait. Tillie tried soooo hard on these and was a good girl!

Her watching me from the corner of her eye....

We did work on lenthenings and at first she struggled and reallllly wanted to break into canter. So I sat up taller and really thought of C's voice in my head and tried to do a few safer ones to show Tillie staying in trot is what we want before going for it all out one last time which she did!

I am hoping with her feet getting trimmed today shell have an easier time at it since I could hear she was clipping let and right. She finished off with some (polite) stretchy trot and I decided to walk her up and down our pretty massive steepish hill a few times before calling it a day.

To cap it all off I dropped my trailer off down to road for some minor maintenance and repairs considering Ill be hauling so much and so far this weekend. Our farm driveway is quite riddled with pot holes and has done quite the number on a few of the fixtures.

poor trailer
But nothing to worry about, its a relatively easy fix thank goodness!! So fingers crossed my crazy scheudle all will fall into place and not drive me too insane in the meantime!


  1. Sounds like a fun (super busy) weekend! I hope everything goes smoothly. The strengthening work is sooo boring but necessary.

  2. Ooh exciting that you're doing both days!!!! Be sure to get LOTS of media!!!

  3. Can't wait to hear your recap! (Also, RELAX, it's going to be fun!)

  4. I love Dom's teaching style and I have a feeling he's going to like Tillie quite a bit:) Can't wait to hear all about it

  5. Excited to hear about your weekend! Dont' let the stress monters get to you :)