Thursday, March 17, 2016

Funny faces when riding

In light of a recent photo sale...I bought a few more photos of Tillie and I. Quite a few of them have pretty darn funny faces not just from Tillie, but myself as well.

I apparently am giving the next jump the stink eye and annoyed with it or something...Tillie meanwhile looks quite happy with what shes doing (tearing my arms out)

This, I believe was the last fence in the course and I must have been excited by the look on my face here that we made it out alive...I look pleasantly surprised.

Me: Oh god I am going to throw up...We arent going to be able to stop
Tillie: Oh yea more jumps?! We jump the fence to Xc right?

Relief and exhaustion...with a good girl pat for Tillie for listening.

My face here is pretty par for the course when riding...But tillie here looks pretty tired

Just a fun post :) Hopefully Ill have more riding updates later!


  1. I always look so intensely concentrated in riding pictures, but I'm probably just concentrating on not puking. :P Great pics!!

  2. My face....yeah so not pretty. If I'm jumping I look like I'm about to kill something or totally terrified. No middle ground. Love these pictures!

  3. Riding faces are always a good time!

  4. I don't think you look that funny... I actually have a photo of me saying "Shit, sorry mare" LOL!