Wednesday, July 29, 2015

When the stars align

My recent posts have mostly been about being frustrated, building confidence and all the things Tillie and I are doing to get past this slump. I realize I nit pick and set unrealistic expectations so lately its been about toning those down and setting more attainable goals. So much easier said than done!

I am borrowing this image from fellow blogger Miseventer: 

This image really resonated with me. That has been me quite frequently after rides and I am lucky to have some great barn mates around that let me despair...for a while at least but then kick me in my rear and help me see the positive things rather than dwell on the negative. 

My barn friends and fellow bloggers have been kind but finally nudged me to do something about how I was feeling. Sitting around and feeling sorry for myself wont do anything...I tried taking care on my own position but found without constant nagging from someone, catching myself and fixing it wasnt happening. So I decided to take action and set up back to back to back lessons - which a few posts ago I announced. 

I have not ridden Tillie outside of a lesson or clinic the past 4 rides. Sure I spent a fortune, but I look at it as its money I would have otherwise spent to do an event and havent been able to do because of my suffering confidence. 

The final lesson in the installment of my lesson frenzy is also the lessons I tend to struggle in the most - With "D", a local 4* event rider. He sets up pretty challenging exercises that are really meant for both horse and rider to muddle through and come out the other side with some more experience and wisdom. Except I have fallen harder and felt the most inadequate in those lessons as of late.

So yea...needless to say I've been having this embarrassing "please dont make do it" feeling towards his lessons. Sure there is a balance where a trainer/instructor's lessons should challenge you but also give you confidence and really to no fault of this trainer I have felt more on the challenged side. I always feel as though Tillie and I are the problem children in the lessons that consume most of his attention and irritation.

Anyway...yesterday was the lesson. The ultimate test. 

And well...things finally fell into place! - The starts magically aligned!

First, let me show you the exercises:
We warmed up over this fence and the other in the same line off both leads. Whatever lead we landed on is the direction we went after landing. We jumped them from both directions as well (towards and from the gate)

Then we added the 6 stride line to the mix. 
Once we ironed out our adjustability in the line, we jumped a 3 stride angled line. We also did these both directions.

Finally we put the whole thing together.

Here is some video piecing the exercise together:

I actually got a kudos from my trainer! Mind you, this trainer is not one to hand out compliments...I seriously thought I was going to burst from excitement. 

Anyway,  was kind enough to get some video and pictures! 

First time jumping 3ft in a lesson!!! No low withers to be seen here!


  1. So glad you had such a good, confidence building lesson yesterday! And congrats on getting a compliment out of D as well!

  2. It's great to see that trainers have the same issues as their students! I am being challenged outside of my comfort zone with Sunny. During the lesson I am whining and giving the evil eye but after we are done and I get my nerves back, I am glad she pushed me. Love reading your blog, I have been meaning to start one myself just to track my progress. Keep it up!

    1. you should definitely start a blog - we'd all have so much to learn from it!

  3. you guys were on FIRE in this lesson - really every part of it was quite good and you should be proud. i was particularly impressed with how you and Tillie operated in between the fences, and especially in the ends of the ring. you stayed balanced but maintained a nice forward without having to carry the horse. this is all your hard work paying off, one step at a time :D