Sunday, July 12, 2015

Flying horses!

Being a bit tired from all this form and function stuff...I decided to take a break from the saddle and just have some fun.

We set up a jumping chute and for the first time had Tillie try her hand at free jumping! Not sure why I haven't done it sooner (except after setting it up and chasing her through I understand why!). I have wanted to for some time since Tillie's jumping technique needs some help. She is so athletic but her jumping form is questionable at times.

BUT free jumping is the perfect forum to let her experiment without me getting in her way. So we ran her through first and frankly I think she was more excited to gallop around, do sliding stops that would put world class reiners to shame and try to cut my friend like a cow when chasing her - I am wondering if we should change disciplines???

This One is our blooper of the day:

Some stills for those that cant see vidoes:


  1. look at her go!!! what fun - looks like she kinda got the hang of it too :D (and yea, my lone attempt at free jumping isabel ended in her galloping around totally uncatchable for 4-5 min, so, um, yea i know what you mean lol)

  2. The stills are lovely (can't view videos at work)! I want to try this with my young horses soon, I think Henry would love it!

  3. She's so springy and so enthusiastic!