Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My first post!! What we did 4th of July Weekend

Well this is my first official post! I am excited to be documenting Tillie and I's progress and hopefully get some feedback on how we are doing.

Our plan was to join fellow blogger http://fraidycateventing.blogspot.com/ at an event at the end of last month, but Tillie had an eye ulcer with her eye swollen shut leading me to decide to scratch and reroute to something else. Unfortunately, there doesnt seem to be a whole lot going on in July for starter events and I don't feel prepared enough for a recognized.
Tille and her eye patch

We have been sort of waiting out the eye to get back in the saddle, but finally with some of the swelling down, I can at least spend some time in the sandbox working on our dressage and my own crookedness issue (sound familiar E!?)

So with the holiday weekend, my office was closed!! Wooo!! So E and I planned a trip to a local dressage trainer and make use of our day.

Tillie loaded on the step up like a dream and waited on the trailer during E and Isabelle's lesson. Once I got on for mine right away worked on just relaxing everything. I have this awful tendency to overthink and over ride...therefore tensing. *sigh* if only I could turn my brain off.

Well, what we worked on seemed pretty basic really. Getting Tillie to swing through her back, get out of her comfort zone and push the boundaries of her balance. She would get a bit distracted when going by the windows, but all in all was a good girl and tried very very hard.

Check out the youtube playlist capturing pieces of the lesson: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdYZpxAytsB9uIvsNWZe-FInZTDEfLsOY

Tillie and I towards the end of the lesson
I have an issue stepping into my right stirrup more so then my left and a right hand creeping up high problem. We tended to focus on that and, VOILA, Tillie would instantly give the response we were looking for once I did. It is really frustrating when your body just doesnt do what you want, but good to know my horse is capable once I can figure it out.

My saddles also are sitting down and left making it harder, but I have a fitter coming out this week to remedy that!

By the end, we were working on her stretching more into a lower, longer frame. Again, testing her comfort zone and really getting her loosening at the base of her neck. I left the lesson feeling a bit unsure of if it was good, bad or what to think of anything really. It certainly helps watching the videos...while I pick myself apart ;) But all in all, I am so thrilled with how well Tillie did even after having almost a week off.

Unfortunately, her eye still has the medication in it, so we are limited to flat work for now until her flymask/eye patch can come off in sunlight. But I never complain about more flat work...


  1. yayyyyy!!! i'm so glad you're blogging! now we just need Tillie to hurry up and heal that damn eye lol. even so she really looked phenomenal in the lesson - you guys are gonna kill it at your next event :)

  2. Woot woot! Go Kaitlyn and Tillie!

  3. Welcome to blogland! Quite a lovely eyepatch (and an even lovelier horse) you have there :)

    1. Thank you :) hopefully we are interesting enough to keep following! I liked your recent trailer post...I have an older trailer in need of repairs myself so Im running over to read it more in detail now!