Thursday, July 30, 2015

FoW Blog Hop: Everyday Win

I am new to following Firn and was referred to her blog by fellow blogger, Emma. Emma convinced me last night I should participate in this blog hop of the "Everyday win" - so here goes! 

The blog post starting this whole thing - our everyday wins sums this up what the photos will show: So let's pull out some schooling (or unaffiliated schooling show) photos we're proud of. Moments where our horses are taking steps to greatness; where they may be a long way from the blue ribbon, but advancing on the right path.

Between Firn's post and Emma's constructive criticism v. public shaming post, I felt inspired to jump on the bandwagon and share my more proud moments. Especially since my more recent posts contain frustrations and a general feeling of being stuck. 

I know I need to abide more by this: 

I am never 100% confident, but I am guilty of letting, what I view, as a failure get to me. So here is to trying to do Tillie justice and show her off!

This was taken just minutes after Tillie arrived. My first mare and my first greenie!

Just after a few weeks of having her, I don't know what the hell I was thinking and took Tillie to her first event. She had some "Up" moments but we finished the event!
Even after rehabbing and not having alot of time to prepare, we last minute added this event where Tillie blew me away and scored our best dressage score to date.

This winter was the first, most consistent time being under saddle after her rehab - and that was even with needing to haul out to ride in an indoor 1-2x  a week due to a frozen ring with no lights. This is a moment from a lesson where I felt she was working the most correctly AND on top of not being ridden everyday.

Not the greatest form for either of us, but it was the first time I felt brave enough to jump this height outside of  a lesson setting and really just had a blast
Tillie and I at her first event this 2015 season where our hard work paid off and we went clear!
I just love Tillie's form over this fence. I hope one day we will always get this kind of  jump out of her all the time.
An XC schooling where I didnt have any bolting or over excitedness!

I love the look on Tillie's face in most of the photos at this event. She killed it for her 2nd ever BN and event of the season...We beat out my trainer in the same division to get 2nd overall! 
Our lesson Tuesday...the first lesson we have had with D that I left smiling and really felt like we rocked it.


  1. LOVE!!! <3

    That's all I have to say about that ;)

  2. it's so important to be happy with progress and how things are going - so so so important!! you and Tillie are doing super well. progress can be difficult to see from day to day, but even looking back to jenny camp last year it's definitely happening!