Friday, July 31, 2015

Blog Hop: It's Ok to be Weird

These blog hops are just a ton of fun...and in the spirit of keeping the fun theme going and celebrating I decided to create my own. Thanks to the inspiration from Firn's our everyday wins.

Show me some silly moments of you and your horse! 

Tillie clearly thinks icing is boring
I seeeeee you

Must reach the grass on the other side

Tillie's take on showing...Just relax and have fun mom! 

This riding stuff is rough

Tillie's opinion on the Vet X-raying her leg

Snowdy day kisses!

Very mad at me after a harder to the butt says Tillie.
Does this make my butt look big?

Eating while laying down is totally normal

My present after returning from Rolex...Burrrrrs everywhere. Tillie clearly didnt enjoy us making fun.


  1. Love all the pictures of Tillie! She really is such a goofy girl!

  2. i desperately need to do this hop!!! and will do so soon (maybe this weekend?). i just love that pic of Tillie grazing while laying down too haha