Thursday, July 16, 2015

It's the simple things in life

After my last post expressing my frustration, I have committed myself to trying to find the "magic" again. (Referring to my last post of the feeling after you find out there is no Santa and then rediscover the magic of Christmas despite that).

In the difficult times, it's easy to question why bother? The thought of stopping all together has jumped in and out of my brain, but I quickly laugh that one away... because, regardless of how sad, frustrated (and all the negative emotions under the sun) I feel, I still do love riding and can't ever imagine giving it up.
I think she is quite pleased with herself after the ride. Notice the eye is HEALED!!!

Tillie also seems to have this weird ability to know just what I need and the last few rides in a row have been amazingly quiet from her - I can pick apart all the little things we need to work on, but instead, I am trying to find the "magic" again by just smiling and saying it was a confidence booster for us both.
A sneak peak of Tillie and I's ride from last night,
caught by FraidyCatEventing's camera! 

There was a time where more rides than not were a rodeo show from Tillie. Ok maybe not quite that bad, but still I could expect a coiled spring ready to explode at some point in our ride. I can attest her airs above the ground are quite impressive - while not mean in anyway or intended to unseat me still a testament to her athletic ability.

Tillie celebrating after a final jump during a Dan lesson.
Gif courtesy of FraidyCatEventing

I can at least reflect today how nice its been lately with how much more willing she has been and how much more accepting of my aids she has become. Even when switching directions! (Doesnt a change of direction usually mean cue giraffe mode?!). I also am trying to remind myself not every ride needs to be a training ride...sometimes both of us just need to use what we have learned to date and just have fun.

So here's to one day I can add to my step toward finding the magic, smile and breath easy for a moment.

Miseventers ride!

Im sure Miseventer will post herself about her own ride last night, but I had the pleasure of helping her set jumps and sort somethings out while getting to know Dahlia.

She gets quite forward and excited about jumping, but all in all responded well to Miseventer and overall was relaxed and not too forward! Hopefully she will post some of the video footage I managed to catch of them both last night.


  1. You sounded so much happier talking about your ride last night and Tillie looks great! I am so glad her eye is all healed and you two can get back to work more :) Thanks for your help with Miss Dahlia as well!

  2. you guys looked really great! it's so hard when they swing so rapidly from good ride to less-good ride... and i definitely struggle with that bc i need consistency in my life... but the general trajectory is upward and onward with Tillie, so that's gotta be reassuring :)