Saturday, December 19, 2015

The dreaded goals projection post

I have been sort of putting off writing this post because I was so off base in my goals for last year, that I really worry that I can't set realistic goals for us on either end of the spectrum. I dont want to set any too easy but dont want to set them so they are unattainable like I did this year.

Felt like we had more rides like this then rides without
This last year with Tillie has been one that has felt extremely frustrating for a number of hindsight I now see it was a year of tremendous growth, but it hasnt really caught up to me until recently ever since starting lessons with P. Check out my year in review post here.

Many days I would repeat "I love my pony" to remind myself why I do this.

I learned this year that I hold myself to the standards of a professional rider and finally learned how ridiculous that is within the last two months. Since letting some of that pressure go, I have found I can breath a little more, laugh at our mistakes and it certainly has seemed to allow some stars to start aligning for us.

Who knew I could actually smile when riding?

I am so thankful for the new horse friends I have gained this year...I know I had a lot of lows of really beating myself up and questioned whether or not Tillie was the right fit for me. It was a lonely place made not so lonely by words of encouragement insisting I keep trying and not to give up.

Well here best attempt to outline goals for 2o16:

  1. Get a stronger half halt off my seat
  2. Get over my fear of down banks and riding down hills
  3. Show in at least 1 dressage show
  4. Show in at least 2 jumper shows
  5. Show in at least 5 eventing ST (no matter what level) 
  6. XC school more and have a horse that doesnt take off after or between fences 
  7. Try to even out my crookedness issues
  8. Release more over fences
  9. Ride more geometrically/planned in training rides
  10. Gallop Tillie at home in the field without losing our minds
  11. Get BN to where all three phases include a horse that is listening and I feel confident
  12. Move up to Novice
  13. Trail ride more


  1. Those are great goals for the upcoming year! :) Kind of reminds me that I need to make some haha

    1. Bahah there are more that keep popping into my head since this...I am refraining from adding more for fear I wouldnt be able to accomplish them all!

  2. I think these are excellent goals! Best of luck and you guys have got this!

  3. Those are really good goals, we are going to be sharing several of them, especially the crookedness and xc ones! Best of luck, so happy I found your blog, can't wait to follow along in 2016!

    1. Thank you! The crookedness thing really gets to me and a big one I would like to improve. Cant wait to catch up on your blog!

  4. Great reflection and goals, can definitely incorporate saying out loud ' I love my horse, I love riding' myself.

    1. lol yes its been my mantra for sure...

  5. wooooo hooo i love it - great goals and all super attainable. i can think of just a few of these that we'll get checked off sooner rather than later ;)

    1. hehe I may need some cheerleading for some of them (ahem trail riding and galloping in the field....)