Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy Holidays!

I am a bit late in posting, but I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
I was in a flurry of prepping and cooking so havent been able to post as much...

Presents all wrapped! 

I went all our as usual cooking since I come from a big polish family so Christmas eve dinner is a kind of a big deal.

About 3/4 through the cheese in this picture...soooo much cheese! 

cheese sauce for mac n cheese and gouda bacon mashed potatoes 

Hand making the perogies 

So back on to horsey things...

I did manage to sneak in a ride Christmas eve and boy was it wet out and muggy. I was really hoping to be able to hack out or do a trail ride but the non-stop rain we have had prevented us from going. I didnt want to take my horse out in slippery treacherous footing when she freaks out when she slips anyway. 

 Poor Tillie got herself all out of break walking up the hill out of the pasture. She was sweating before I even got on. It sorta freaked me out and I kept asking people if there horses were doing the same thing. I contemplated not even getting on, but some barn mates encouraged me to just see how things went.

Tillies favorite thing about this day, her little window.

I get on and she instantly feels tight through her back and body. Being my second ride in on the double reins, I still tried to keep the curb looser and encourage more stretch, BUT I guess with all the rain and standing around, she was a bit eager so my warm up plans of stretching had to evolve a bit.

Still looks like a lot of reins to me!

I focused on just getting her moving, not quickly, but moving to settle in. She was a bit bracey especially to the left but settled in ok. Once I asked for canter though she was just not having any parts of being supple. When I would close my leg to ask, out came the old Tillie I know and love complete with the head tossing and shoulder throwing hissy fit. 

WHAT?! Me...? Never! 

I worked her through these episodes just to make a point but also chose to listen a bit and stick to trot work and not push it too much with how hot it was. Who would have thought it was possible to SPONGE  a horse off in DECEMBER in MD!?

Upon dismounting, my anxieties were in high alert once again when Tillie's back muscles were fully going into spasms. I never have seen that before and in my mind was flipping out going through all the things it could be from tying up to some weird muscle disorder...rather then the more logical thought of oh hey shes just sore. **roll eyes**

I also have to remember shes a bit of a diva, so her reaction to the back soreness may also be REALLY not stoic and a bit more then normal. It didnt help when I put absorbine gel on it, she herself hated the sensation of it and tried to lay down and roll it off. 

I did my best to listen to Emma and miseventer who were there and go with the fact shes been in harder work lately and its no different then when we are a bit sore. 


  1. I'm the same way. I skip the logic and go straight to crazy town. :)