Tuesday, December 1, 2015


It has been non-stop raining here since Monday...soooo I am stealing this idea from fellow blogger Emma and putting together some bloopers from the last year for some content.

Hope you are all ready!?
Last winter...and so much sass

Bolting and taking off really is hard work...I need a snack

Tillie expressing just how wonderfully exciting flying lead changes are
Just showing everyone how flexible she is

A few clips from my own youtube account:
The vet is sooooo much fun....
And more of me leaning with my shoulders...
have I mentioned how much I hate down banks? maybe I just wanted to take a peak?

Noticing a trend yet? Me and my terribly leaning shoulders! 

Burrs everywhere and its the one time my hubby comes to the barn....Tillie clearly is amused.

and the time I fell off and sprained my ankle.

Hope you guys enjoyed!!


  1. So much sass! It kind of makes me love Tillie a bit, but I do love the brats. :)

    1. bahaha i do love her :) we made eventing nation again with one! http://eventingnation.com/eventerproblems-vol-44-ottb-edition/

  2. omg i love it!!!! haha i hadn't seen most of these before either - you've got some gems! it's crazy tho looking back at these clips compared to how well she's going now, and how calmly she reacts to little mistakes these days instead of having a fit

    1. lol oh yea we do...some all from one lesson! Thank you :) I am very proud of how much shes growing up!

  3. Oh Ms Tilly! What a little firecracker she is.

    1. lol she certainly is! It sorta weirds me out when she isnt now....

  4. Replies
    1. So true!! A trait I both love and hate :)