Sunday, November 15, 2015

I Wine A Lot

I must admit, since our last event I threw Tillie out in a field, crawled home and licked my wounds. I know it wasnt THAT bad, but once again my hopes for the event fell very very short (I was hoping I could use this last event to check off confidence building in the hopes of moving up next year).

I know I need to not dwell soo much on the level we are competing at...but it is really challenging to feel like we havent improved. I can see a lot of changes happening when looking back at old posts but its like watching paint dry. To those that enjoy the training process - Kudos.

Some days I do. The moment things click and we both move together its so validating. But more often then not they arent clicking and my confidence becomes an issue (as we all know and I've quite literally have beaten to death in previous posts).

I am trying really hard not to dwell or I decided to just wine a lot instead!

I took a trip up north and took long weekend on a wine tour. So I overspent as usual and brought home all the wine. Literally two cases of an assortment of bottles from the various vineyards we visited....So here is to hoping instead of whining I'll be wining.

Luckily, good Old miseventer was around and was able to ride Tillie in my absence since we all know how mischievous she can get when she is left to her own devices. So until that stops, we will not be taking any breaks.

A still from the video I got of their lesson

I am pleased to report Tillie gave Miseventer a good ride and was behaved...and I urged her to take a lesson with D since she finally had something to ride in one. Holy cow was I impressed with them both.

Let's just say I may be paying Miseventer to take over the ride ;)


  1. Look at it this way, sure you got eliminated in dressage but it was silly. I'm betting you don't leave that door open again. It's not like you were over faced at the level. Also, you should really read Megan's post about regression towards the mean. Emma should know what I'm talking about if you don't (let me know and I'll find the post if you guys don't)...I *might* need to go to bed. PS super jealous of your wine

  2. lol wine fixes everything :) glad you had a good weekend tho, and yea M and Tillie had a really REALLY nice lesson. it was a pleasure to watch - Tillie was very well behaved and had her thinking cap it. it's just so evident that all your hard work is really paying off with her - like something is just *clicking* right now.

    and yea, like EventingSaddlebredStyle says, while it's frustrating to feel stuck at a level, at least you know the level is technically easy for both of you so you can focus on refining the details and getting the perfect ride before adding more challenging questions to the mix