Thursday, November 26, 2015

The things I am thankful for

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I am going to list all the things I am thankful for....I have so many awesome things in life to be grateful for, so I will be keeping this post strictly horse related thankfulness. 

So without further delay...

I am thankful for:

being able to afford a horse in my life to give kisses to
a sound horse despite the cellulitis and close to 6 months of stressing over lameness from it
Miseventer always being supportive and riding my horse when I cant
Having made new horsey friends that have forced
me to find the fun in riding again. THANK YOU Emma and Brita.

being alive despite Tillies shenannigans

ALLLLL of her shenannigans.

Tillie being so good trailering
Her expressive personality
So expressive
But really...expressive

That we have gone from this:

To more uphill and relaxed:

And finally that our jumping form has gone from this:

To this:


  1. So much sass, but you guys have made tons of progress!

    1. Thanks!! I have a love hate with the sass...I miss it slightly when it isnt there or think something is wrong, but definitely dont like riding through it!

  2. You guys have progressed SO much! Wow!

    1. Thank you so much! Its hard to see that in the day to day :)

  3. aww so many great moments! (i esp love that one of Tillie running up to meet you at the gate). happy belated thanksgiving :D

    1. ^ Right!? wish she did that every time!

    2. Oh and happy thanksgiving to you!!!