Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Countdown to Loch Moy starter Trial - Jump Preparation

The day before Loch Moy, I hitched a ride with Emma and was lucky enough to gain from her loss (sorry Emma!) and take her spot in a lesson with P. Emma has been recommending P to me for some time now and I finally decided to give it a shot.

I have been anticipating this lesson for a while since they sound like exactly what Tillie and I both need - Confidence boosting and just miles of doing something over again until it becomes not too exciting.

Tillie was not as much a fan of the step-up trailer. She didnt need too much to get on other then some slight pressure and would stand just fine, but unloading she really didnt like the step down. It is something I intend to work on more so she can load more easily in case I keep pestering Emma for rides.

Maybe Tillie would prefer this step up and all the pretty colors instead?

Anyway, Tillie has been to this farm before for XC Schooling but she definitely didnt remember and was way more curious about all the pretty ponies initially then being aware that I was on her back.

What was nice about this though was it was a bit of a prep for what showing would be like the next day...and good mare settled down eventually after a few of these moments admiring other horses:

We started off warming up with some pointers from P and some I REALLLLLLY need to write down and keep in my bag of tricks for the winter:

  1. Problem: My crookedness in my body issue
    Solution: Drop left stirrup only / keep only the tip of the toe of the left foot in the stirrup
  2. Problem: My arms look like I am pulling or tense
    Solution: Ride with my reins like I driving horses instead like this:

    Luckily, P took pity on my and didnt make me do any of those in this lesson. So we moved on to jumping a grid. Tillie was so wonderfully quiet I was a bit freaked out. I was so excited with my pody positioning and lower leg looking as good as it did that I wasnt even all that upset when I got the feedback of needing to work on my hands over fences and following her more.

    **SIDE NOTE** I get really upset when I get any feedback on my hands being too grabby. So my MISSION is to nip this in the bud once and for all so I can be a lovely quiet rider instead.

    Anyway, P consoled me a bit on this issue too and said she understands why I dont with her being forward and hot, but the following exercise would help with this.

    P did also give me homework to jump her and immediately HALT her before turning to make her understand she needs to half halt and listen to me...not just land a roll. It was challenging but it did the trick, at least on balancing Tillie better, immediately.

    Emma crutched around and was able to capture some video.

    I am so impressed at how much her form as improved as well! It is something I have fretted over and worried she wasnt cut out for this, but little mare is proving me wrong! 

    As Emma put it: She looks fancy AF trotting here. 

    Oh hey nice tight jumper knees! 
    Emma drinking like a camel from all the work crutching around. Yes, that is a full pitcher of soda water.


    1. lol so sometimes i get a little thirsty.... :)

      but yea P has definitely made me ride with my reins like that before - and it was actually a crazy feeling. it totally unlocked my wrists and elbows and shoulders and softened up my contact. it's a bizarre feeling tho!!!

      anyways once i'm back in action i definitely wanna set that grid up at home - 18' to 30', halting straight at the end - tillie looked so good going through too!

      1. I definitely am in to do this! Hopefully youll be up and running in no time :)

    2. I just found your blog and failed to work for the majority of the afternoon so I could catch up...you and Tillie have made tons of progress and I can't wait to see what is in store for you two.

      1. LOL thank you :) I hope we are interesting enough it was worth missing work! (I do the same thing myself and probably will with your blog today ;) )