Monday, November 9, 2015

Countdown to Loch Moy starter Trial - Dressage Preparation

I have so much to post about right now, but Ill do my best to spread it out so I do not overload you all at once.

After concluding a grueling week of CHA certification (I am proud that I received the highest level of certification for english and jumping instruction!) I decided I needed a dressage lesson to get back to business.

Tillie seemed a bit more stiff then usual. This is relatively speaking, I just had to work a lot harder then I was used to. It could very well have been the fact that I was exhausted after logging in close to 40 hours of saddle time the week of. (The good news is riding all the different horses in more basic lessons, I got to focus on my collapsing problems, equitation and lower leg.)

This lesson I felt like we had NO left bend at all. She was willing to do whatever I asked, but just seemed a little bit more effort on my part to manipulate.

I do have a short clip a friend captured...but it is not the greatest quality:

I didnt feel particularly great about it, but after seeing the clip have decided maybe I need to calibrate what feels right and wrong. I struggle with that anyway right now...but be more able to let go "what it usually feels like" because if I always try to recreate that, we wont improve.

Screenshot from our trot circle after the canter.

Her trot after the canter got much more lesson learned, warm up faster in the canter!

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  1. i went through this weird phase for a while where i had it exactly backwards when we were doing something well vs. not very well. frustrating for sure... but it gets easier (esp when i started actually looking for things to be happy with). anyway tillie seems to be going really really well right now!!