Friday, October 30, 2015

Keep calm and ride straight

It is no secret that I have my fair share of straightness problems...especially with my alignment issues that drive me insane! I have seen a chiropractor and started yoga - both of which have helped - but my delicate flower of a mare really calls me out on it when I have an off day.

I had a dressage lesson with C last night and could feel as soon as I sat in my saddle the right side was tighter. I attempted to stretch it out in the warm up but I decided not to get too hung up on it and just ride what I had.

A few stills from last nights lesson...amazing the transformation since July!
I am so incredibly proud of Tillie and how much shes grown up this time starting back up after an injury. This is the first time I feel like my horse may be not so green anymore and is beginning to understand her job.

This lesson we had some shoulder alignment issues...pushing them all over the place except square. In all honesty, it was me not owning the outside rein enough. This is a new issue tracking left since she usually falls in. Is it odd to be excited over having a new issue to fix?

Ok maybe not excited, but to me it means shes trying to figure out what I am asking for a trying different answers. Eventually we may end up in the middle where we belong.

Warm up trot:

I was also really excited that we spent maybe 5 minutes at the walk (yay for progress) and much more time at the trot. I was also quite surprised at how quickly she put herself together without bobbing above or below the contact...

Here is an old video from July for reference:

C commented how much more balanced she is since this video and more uphill...she no longer is rooting or pulling on my nearly as much and much softer through her entire body. We still have a lot of work to do, but its nice to finally see progress and not feel so stuck.

More stills:

On the other hand. I have no idea what in the hell is wrong with my left leg lately swinging back and my heel...Ill have to make a point to work on that the next few rides.

Then onto the canter - which now C has me sitting again!

Working on my hitting letters better and keeping Tillie focused through a diagonal/straight line. I really do suck at figures and my circles it turns out.

Trying to fix the shoulder issues:

Warm up right lead canter working on softer hands so she can better carry me...not me carry her.

Finally we did a dry run of the BN test B:

Not the greatest test...many things being my error. I need to do better with my circle sizes, riding my corners and hitting letters. Basically all the basics lol. Considering Ive only ridden 6 tests in my life I can acknowledge riding tests arent my strong suit...planning ahead and being deliberate is tough after riding "training" rides and the horse I have.

C recommended not overriding this test as she fears Tillie would learn it. She said that if I can ride her the way I have been, we would easily score low 30's / high 20's...YAY!!

I have a D lesson tonight...lets hope it goes just as well!

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