Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Another lovely ride!

Once again, I do not have photo proof or video of the two of us...Just what I could capture sitting on the beast. I need to try to sync up with fellow blogger Emma and start getting more under saddle images.

Anyway, Its a bit chillier here since the weekend so was really expecting a tense Tillie...I was pleasantly surprised again with a nice quiet and soft ride!!! Yay Tillie!

Loopy reins, droopy ears = happy horse mom! 
I think the last few rides of loopy reins for warm up has really made for a much more relaxed and willing horse. She didnt race into the trot this time and the canter transitions werent explosive! They were slightly sticky, but I'd take that over the leaping forward. 

Once I started picking up contact she thought about leaning a bit, but I just put my leg on and said nope we stay "up!" She was much less stiff to the left then she has been lately which was pleasant...I know any lack of bend at this point is my biomechanics issue. I can still feel the right side of my body pulling forward when I track left. I try to open my hip, bend my right knee etc but its just aggravating. 

Not that Tillie seems to care with my flailing around and wiggling. lol

She was much more even in both reins even when changing the rein . While our trot started a bit flat, she moved into the bridle nicely when I asked, without diving. We did a couple of the small fences set up again just to see about maintaining the rhythm and softness through her back and she did it flawlessly! I played a bit too with some lateral movements mostly making sure I could move her haunches where I wanted them and it was so ridiculously easy...if only it was that easy every ride!

I decided to push the limits and hack out in the top field.
Last year Tillie thought there were horse eating gremlins and more often would freak out then behave. 
 Ill admit, when she is this well behaved, my confidence soars. I really feel like we can conquer more and I get a bit braver as a rider - exhibit A: Hacking out in the field with deer leaping and running around.

Clearly Tillie didnt care one bit:


  1. yay Tillie!! isabel hates that field lol... but glad to hear she's settling back into the routine nicely!

    1. I think we need to invest in this: http://www.movensee.com/

  2. Those lovely rides make it all feel worth it hey? Glad you had a good one :) I'm not sure what Apollo would think of a deer!