Monday, October 5, 2015

New bits new problems

So this weekend was rainy and chilly - two things Tillie thinks are good excuses to be a bit sassy. We eventers usually dont mind a bit of bad weather, but it was really windy as well which caused me to sit on the sidelines until yesterday. Despite it still being chilly and dreary out, yesterdays ride Tillie chose to remain pretty sane sans sassy (but not totally!)

New Bit:
So my last post I asked about possible new bits to try so Tillie couldn't lean as much as she is now on the shaped snaffle. I opted to try for an eggbutt slow twist snaffle. 

It didnt make a screamingly huge difference, but it did make a difference in the canter. She was a bit inconsistent in it at first but I let her walk and trot around with a loose rein to get a feel for it at first. I am trying to re-attack the basics and trotting on a loose rein should be something Tillie can do. I know canter should be too, but her excitement levels dont really allow me to trust that right now...

Anyway...I felt I could half halt much better and give back more than the other bit. A few times could get her to sigh or breath out and relax which for her at the trot is HUGE! We will see if it sticks! 

Tillie says, "That was fun!"
One more because shes pretty!
Pot roast and pumpkin beer (Yea we do it fancy in my house) after a cold day! 

Found this gem online today and it sounded so much like tillie: 

Luckily the weather isnt so hot I can start using out BOT blanket to help!


  1. It may take a few rides before you feel the bit really making a difference. The slow twist bits can be good, but maybe even try a waterford?

  2. lol that horse collaborative article is HILARIOUS!!! pretty sure i've seen Tillie pull the moves from #s 9 and 10 before lol, and also #7 is shockingly reminiscent of what getting Bali down that damn hill feels like....

  3. Hope the bit helps! I liked that article too :)