Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall Friskies anyone?

It has been getting colder out and the colder weather + field change = a very wound up Tillie. Tillie confused her gender as Stallion on Friday, filled with snorting, tail up and neck arched...

For those of you that cant see the video here are a few stills:

Look what I can do mom! 

Watch me Whip...

Watch me neigh neigh

Oh watch me, watch me! 

I don't always tranter....but when I do its awesome.
 Just before this 5 minute episode, we had a lovely ride. Which Tillie clearly felt depleted her energy to enough to warrant:

Must. Eat. Before. I. Starve.
I have decided to try her on Depo again and so far, no negative swelling like last time...and hopefully will keep her stallion like behavior to a minimum.