Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mid-Season Goal post

I cant believe how long its been since I have addressed my goals...but my last post (from MAY!!) can be found here.

I have removed my ongoing ones that will never go away like my crookedness issues and such, but adding what I am focusing on at this point. My last goal post has tons of things that should always and forever remain my "goal" but for the purpose of this post, Ill be listing what is in the forefront of my mind.

  • ME:
    • Heels down on landing from jumps - its gotten better, but still is happening
    from july 2 show see those heels...and gripping of my thigh?
    • Softer, quiet hands all around both in dressage and jumping - Tillie doesnt need all the help anymore so I need to leave her alone when shes doing her job
    • Better timing of aids for newer movements (aka shoulder in)
    • Stop using so much inside rein!!!
    • Chin up when jumping (new pics show I still am looking down on some fences)
    • Dont be so frustrated with the growing pains
at Loch moy last weekend: See my eyes...I should be looking up at the horizon,
but Im looking at the ground on the other side of the fence somewhere...

The last bulleted goal is one i havent had to list in a while...I am lucky in so many ways because its been smooth sailing. When I first started feeling the frustrations sink in during lessons I was able to walk away positive still and know it takes growing pains to grow. I know its time for them...weve been coasting here for a while and I just need to be sure they dont take away from my confidence. 

Any blip, fall or negative moment has the capability of taking a piece of the good. I am trying my hardest not to allow it to and spin it in a positive light, just like the fall last weekend. I dont want to ignore them...because feelings have a way of getting way more magnified if you do, but at this point, I am feeling ok and know full well what the frustrations are meaning. In the past I think I didnt have the hope along with it. 

As for Tillie:

    • Improve right hind weakness - this is being added after the SI lesson
    • Watch the haunches swinging in when asking for bend
    • Gallop more uphill (adding this back in too but it has improved...)
It seems like not so many here...but shes been sooo on point. Most of her issues stem from me. So my goals obviously are more stacked. 

I am hopeful for what the rest of the season holds...While I have some doubt again, I am not discouraged. As of now its motivating me to be better!

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