Friday, July 22, 2016

The calm before the storm

I have been a bit quiet lately...partially from the insanely hot weather limiting my riding time, Tillie having some shoeing issues (Ill elaborate more later) and just generally feeling not motivated this week.

I will need to kick our butts into gear though because we have another event coming early August. After speaking with my trainers, Ill be doing a lighter "Test" run at Training level just before so that means I need to at least be spending time in the saddle pushing buttons.

Magic cushioned up for the night
The bigger issue lately has been the hard footing and the fact that Tillie's feet grew insanely fast this cycle. Only after 3 weeks, I texted my farrier asking for him to try to push up our date and come as soon as possible with how bad her feet were starting to chip from being too long. I tried to help her out and pack her feet but the non-stop stomping at flies has just compounded the issue that much faster. 

Matchy matchy!

Unfortunately, my current farrier has suddenly seemed to have stopped communicating and I became so desperate I asked around and put in call to a new farrier that came highly recommended from not just one, but two of the barns I travel to with trainers. So I was super excited when she was super responsive and pretty easy to schedule to come right away.

Thankfully we did because my dressage lesson on Weds with C felt like such a disaster that I was close to tears...A) I HATE when my horse doesnt feel good...and with her left front shoe about to fall off it wasnt a huge surprise. and B) Thats ALOT of money to spend to just work through this sort of thing.

Dont get me wrong, any lesson with C is worth it, but I wish I had known just how bad Tillie was feeling and opted to ride one of hers instead.

soooo tired

I am hopeful and leaning towards just how wonky Tillie felt was due to her feet...but I of course worry the wear and tear of this sport could be catching up to her. My only reason for not going all the way there yet (dont get me wrong Ive already whined and sobbed to fellow equestrians about my fears) is that in the past when her feet have gotten in not so great shape shes been a bit funny in her movement and ALMOST presents herself as being lame or stabby behind and just harder to get to relax into the work.

Typically my mare really digs in and is game. But this lesson was the opposite and it wasnt fun.

I am anxious to hop on her with her freshly done feet today and have a light hack around. This week has been almost an entire week off for her which I dont think is a bad its the calm before the storm (pending how she feels) because we have some prep work to do to continue with our training.

I have a new regime planned for her twinkle toes which include packing after harder XC days/schoolings among a few other things. This time last year we struggled with some foot issues, so now I know it isnt just one off situations, but this time of year is hardest on her so will require more maintenance for me and just staying on top of her (with more frequent trims). So now I have a more responsive farrier, maybe we can stay on top of this!

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