Tuesday, July 12, 2016

post fall feelings

I would totally expect my post today be more solemn, full of lack luster confidence and doubt...but if anything I am feeling quite the opposite. Tillie is in good spirits too and that makes me feel even better.

I spoke to Dom on the phone yesterday to walk through the show day and discuss what happened and get him to assess what his thoughts were. After answering his questions he too agreed with my other trainer and said it sounded like a bad read. He said that particular fence, even when not in a treeline has proven tricky for young horses and 9x out of 10 when its the wrong read, it would be an ugly fence but you would manage..we just happened to catch an unlucky day and have it result in a fall.

An oldie but goodie
He said we have improved so much since hes started working with us that as long as she felt normal, was jumping well prior not to stress about it. It was nice to hear that vote of confidence in us from him. We chatted a little longer and I asked to set up a lesson later in the week and maybe have him hop on her and school to make sure I am not missing anything when I am going around. I just want to be sure I am not getting in her way and doing my part and that means sometimes helping her with her greener moments. Dom agreed and we are penciled in for thursday.

jumping the bigger stuff no problem
About an hour later he called me back and said last minute he knew someone needing to pull their horse from the novice entry this weekend at loch moys second horse trial...and would I be interested in the entry. Furthermore would he like for me to ride her in it.

My first thought was holy heck yea thats way cool!! But then of course I responded and said I would love it just need to see how Tillie is feeling on her right hind that she knocked this last weekend. I said it was likely we could with her being sound and galloping around in the field, but I wanted to hop on her and see what she felt like.

Im ok mom!
So I hopped on miss Tillie yesterday for a brief ride just to see how she felt, how I felt and play around for 15 minutes.

The mare was fine...more then fine. She had such a nice spring to her trot that I am not sure I could get if I tried. I think the key being I was relaxed with her on a loose rein the entire 15 min. She went around like a hunter horse, walk trot and canter and maintained her own rhythm and balance and would even bend and work in a looser stretchy contact for me when I tested it.

I didnt want to push it and called it a day but I was really excited to feel her feeling good. I let Dom know as of now it looks good and lets go for it.

Isnt she the cutest
Whats even more exciting is the Barn manager texted me this morning saying the swelling around her cuts have gone down!! So i think the light movement helped :)

So here is to hoping this last weekend is just a blip and Tillie keeps feeling good!


  1. I'm glad you're both feeling good! Best of luck this weekend. FWIW, you both look amazing in the videos you posted from last weekend :)

  2. Spills can be scary! Glad you both are OK physically (and mentally!)