Friday, July 22, 2016

Attention to detail: Form over fences

This is a bit of an overdue post but if you read my last post you'll notice the theme of "lacking motivation" sort of carrying through...

This post will cover my last productive ride on my horse before her feet became too terrible and her feet too sore to expect a good effort. I did attempt a dressage lesson a few days after in the hopes that amazing footing would make it feasible but she was still quite unhappy, SO...shes been having some days off with some therapy on her feet to help her out :)

packing those feetsies 
I am super happy with this new farrier and confident shell be back at it in a few days. She was already wayyyy better immediately following her trim yesterday just slightly tender on her left front which required more foot to be taken off than ideal with how shelly her foot was.

Anyway, before that started, I have been really focused on building my position over fences so its stronger and where it needs to be so Tillie can jump the best she can.

I convinced a good friend of mine to set up the infamous one stride grid for us which is not only beneficial for me, but Tillie too.

My form on the front side of the fence isnt bad!!

Grabbing mane on this one - hence the tenser shoulder
It was supremely beneficial for me and it was nice to have someone there to talk me through new ways to manipulate my body. I know I tend to grip with my thighs and I also realized I hunch terribly on the landing side:

like so
So off to work we went!! There were some break throughs, a lot of noise making on my part and Tillie was feeling quite good about herself through this whole thing.

What do you find helps you with your bad habits over fences? Do you do anything you want to fix?


  1. Jumping without reins will do wonder's for your (and anyone's) form

  2. I don't have anything useful to say. But L's suggestion sounds terrifying to me (I'm sure it is true but totally terrifying to me)

    1. I just realized that most places probably have an arena and not just an open pasture... Less terrifying now

    2. haha my one trainer teased she would have us do it BUT with taking a vest on and off....***GASP** can you imagine?!

    3. I saw video of that! But I lack the coordination to do that.

  3. I think your position looks great! I like that Tillie's feet match her halter :)

    1. THANK YOU!!! I am working really hard at it!