Wednesday, July 6, 2016

old habits die hard

Happy belated 4th of July everyone! I hope it was a safe and enjoyable holiday for all of you...As you saw, we competed on Saturday which I blogged about. Sunday Tillie had a much deserved day off but we hosted a jumper show which ran me totally ragged. I painted and built jumps, moved and set courses and it totally paid off!! We had a great turn out and all was good, I felt productive and good...that is until Monday rolled around.

Caution jump!

Patriotic Theme jump

Part of the whole course

Lattice jump

Closer view

New Skinny!!! I am soo excited to try this :)
I was ok at first. I was well enough to even do a lesson with P at the old stomping grounds...but boy I was exhausted, nauseous and just down for the count afterwards. Luckily some rest and fluids did the trick, but I am aware of now of needing to take note and pace myself.

Anyway, this post is meant to recap the lesson and me trying to break those pesky old habits. I am really trying hard to release more in the air, keep my butt up and out of the saddle and my heels down on landing. I also need to figure out that fine timing of setting her up for a fence but watch I do it without holding her.

My face is priceless...took a bit of a flier to this one

She knows her job well and she is starting to let me know when I start trying to micromanage. Warming up she felt tense and just tight. P said she clearly was in heat and it made sense because she was super spooky the last few days...she only gets like that when shes in heat so I should have suspected. She didnt want me touching her not with my reins or legs but otherwise was happy to do her job...guess she also is channeling her inner hunter ;)

Me getting left behind on this one!

 As much as I dont like riding her like that, its good for me because its forcing me to leave her alone. I need to work on not doing soooo much and it was kind of nice the longer we went, the more I could just stay out of her way. Its a bit different than when I lesson with Dom or Dan jumping, but I like this side of it too...It kind of is a nice test to see what Tillie is retaining on her own.

As you can see we kinda struggled with this blue jump and getting the right distance. Then P changed it so the white was the front rail and stripes on the back and VOILA - perfect distances to it every time. So odd?!

I worked on trying to stay out of the tack and be softer, but my shoulders kind of crept forward before fences, but I cant say I hate it entirely.

P gave us a few things for homework to help, but all in all was happy with what she saw and said she did see more power from behind rather than Tillie pushing from her shoulder. As much as I worry she felt off from being in heat or sore or whatever, re-watching the videos and she looks pleased to do her job. Her ears are up, shes tracking up and looks pretty relaxed.

So I am trying not to worry and just let her tell me when she needs rest.

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