Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dusting off cobwebs...

I know I have been a bit MIA from blogging, but work and design work has really taken its toll on saddle time lately :( I have only sat on Tillie 3 times since shes been cleared to return into work which is NOT enough for my high energy powder keg. 

BUT luckily, fellow blogger Miseventer has kindly helped ride her as well. I am sincerely hoping she will consider taking over part of the ride on Tillie to help her stay in more consistent work and help me get more mileage. I really think at this point Tillie needs repetition and just more time under saddle to mentally settle in and accept the aids better. 

Anyway...I didnt realize my students were filming and discovered a few stills and a video from our ride.

Tillie having a nice uphill canter! 
Her canter work right now is a bit of a struggle...poor Miseventer had the misfortune (lol alliteration?) of experiencing just how ride Tillie can get when she feels something is too difficult. Since coming back into work she really looks for me or her rider to "help" her more and attempts to really lean or hang on one rein or both depending on that moment in time.

My solution was to try to do some over exaggerated counter bending, inside bending and then riding straight. I found this allowed me to alleviate tension on one of my reins and I could soften without her leaning on it and fill up the outside rein more appropriately rather than hanging on the inside rein. 

So the below clip is my attempting it at the canter, which at the end asking her to go straight (which is when she goes out of the view) she breaks so I circled back to try again...she did do it, but unfortunately this is all my students shot.

My immediate goal is to get her canter trot canter transitions back to being smoother...especially canter-trot as she really has a hard time responding to my seat to come down to the trot. She will happily canter along in this itty bitty canter rather than come down to the trot. We were just ironing this out before our break so cant expect too much yet...

I have been toying with the idea of trying her in a slightly harsher bit for jumping since earlier this summer with her tendency to cross her jaw and race - right now she goes in a HS Shaped snaffle which shes been going really well in for dressage since this winter. 

I do think she would benefit from a few rides flatting in more bit right now too...so I am looking for suggestions! I was thinking a slow twist snaffle...anyone else have any recommendations?! 


  1. yay for unexpected video footage lol! she definitely seems quite exuberant about being back in work (i saw M's ride the other night lol) but that's not necessarily a bad thing. re: bits... well... idk much about it honestly. a slow twist might help - or i actually have a waterford D that you can try that might keep her from leaning on the bit and getting her head so low? that's not dressage legal tho so idk your thoughts about schooling in something you can't take into the show ring (tho perhaps it'd just be a temporary thing?).

    1. I really think for flat it will be temporary and just used to "wake" her up...it is probably a strength issue. Though for Jumping D has been suggesting it for a while now.

      And ohhh yea M told me all about that ride lol. She really doesnt like D either...I really think she just doenst like anyone else other than me that gets on her and makes her work. The kids dont really make her so she never reacts that way to them...lol but D and M know their stuff and Tillie takes the opportunity to be particular, a diva and just plain rude about expressing that it ISNT me and it ISNT what shes used to and her life just sucks!

    2. haha yes she certainly does express herself! well lmk if you wanna try the waterford. i'm not sure if it's necessarily gonna do what you want it to do, but it's on hand and readily available so... maybe worth a shot?

  2. I think that sounds like a great canter fix!

    I am the weirdest rider ever. If I ride a horse that grabs the bit and takes off...I remove the bit and ride them in a hackamore. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it's a disaster. It's always worth a try to see if the stronger bit helps! Might be just the ticket to get her to be more respectful.

    Happy to see that you're back! :)

  3. I've had good experiences with slow twists :) Lovely canter.