Sunday, February 28, 2016

2016 short term goals - status

So back in December, I published goals and would like to try to establish monthly goals (see the post here). With the crazy weather we have had this winter, I sort of slipped in keeping up on choosing and writing about them...but here is my best attempt to try again.

Remember when this goal? to canter a fence in stride without holding or using reins for tempo?
This was the first time being able to do that and it was HUGE! 
Here is a recap of my December goals:

  1. Learn how to ride in double reins in the pelham Check! In fact, I havent needed to jump in it for a while now :) Lets hope it stays that way once we go back to the outdoor ring again.
  2. Ride at least 4x per week despite work being nutty this month - This didnt exactly happen all winter, but the weather and a frozen ring were the culprit
  3. Convince Emma to show me how teach me and Tillie to self load See my blog post about it here
  4. Improve auto/crest release - I think this is improving, but it needs to be more second nature before I consider this accomplished. Especially after our twisting and turning jump lesson when my release wasnt that great.
    even here hands are still stuck right at her wither.
  5. Get Tillie more maneuverable in canter I am considering this done after our last dressage lesson(recap here), although I dont think we are confirmed with this goal yet...we did achieve it so the goal is now to maintain it! 

(Pending weather)

  1.  Ride at least 2 days on crummy weather weeks, but at least 3-4 days if it isnt bad weather
  2. Heels down over fences, especially on landing
  3. Improve release over fences (maybe fold more in the hip without getting too quick with my upper body?)

I am trying to limit my goals so they are more attainable...but the last one # 3 is where Id like to start a discussion, but Ill save that for my blog post tomorrow. 


  1. Heels down=fail for me. I struggle so much.

  2. Sounds like you made great progress! :) I need to work on my release... in a big way.

  3. I am working on really sinking in my heels too. Good goals.

  4. You've worked pretty hard to cross some of those goals off! WTG