Thursday, February 18, 2016

Its still winter, but its never too early to be thinking about show season right?

I know I sound like a broken record regarding all this crummy weather and it feeling like I live in the arctic...but seriously I totally get why eventers make the great migration every year down south. It is just impossible to ride unless you have an indoor, which I do not. So that means trailering out to ride which is pretty hard when you work full time during the week.

So when I get down and cant ride....or use a dressage lesson to cheer me up, I buy things. 

Yes I know...I need to cool it especially since I am budgeting to buy a new trailer. BUT show season is right around the corner. Its never too early to consider adding things to my shopping cart that will make show days easier when they are on sale right?

My latest purchase:

  • Dover - reflective garment bag. No more carting around my show clothes in a trash bag as a cover or throwing them in a duffel bag getting wrinkled. 
  • Show day grooming box: I like that it has a shallow tray and fully closes to use to store my stud kit and sit on when applying studs.

And finally the product I am really excited to try:
  • Level PH: to help with all the hauling we do and start preventative ulcer care. It also has electrolytes. I have heard not all horses will eat it, so curious if Tillie will...but when I was a working student, I saw an avid polo player use this on their horses and they all ate it and did well on it. Dover recently had it on sale REALLLY cheap so I was able to get 3 months supply for $74

What are some items you cant live without when you show?


  1. I have the worlds cutest show bag. I think Letticia makes it, but it has owls all over it. Rick's Saddlery was having a tent sale a few years ago and my Dad was visiting from overseas, he saw that (and because I love all things OWL) bought it as a surprise. I love it because it REALLY stands out in the trailer when I'm showing with other people!

    I can't show without Cowboy Magic (that damn white sock manages to get dirty constantly) and I also wrap Riley's tail with an ace bandage (at the top to prevent poop disasters and to keep it looking nice and slick)!

  2. i really need to add a garment bag to my arsenal... twice now driving back from loch moy we've discovered my, erm, plastic bag stand-in got sucked out the stock trailer window and was flapping wildly in the highway wind... oops!

    otherwise, aside from adding extra grooming supplies and additional hay/water, our show packing process isn't materially different from packing for any of our other travel (esp since i have yet to ever bother with studs!)

  3. Lots of great purchases! Love the garment bag especially :)

  4. Love that garment bag. I need to invest in one of those.