Monday, February 1, 2016

Back from my hiatus...and hibernation

I am so behind on blogging its ridiculous...We recently had snowmageden happen here on the east coast and we got so much snow it was unbelievable. It should have meant lots of catch up blogging, but cleaning my house ended up consuming my time.

Digging is fun!

Since the shitstorm happened in my house, Ive put off really deep cleaning until the sanitizing company got all their equipment out (which happened literally a few hours before the storm hit us). While they did a great job making sure house was rid of the nastiness, they really didnt do cleaning on other stuff like the debris from ripping out walls and molding or anything dirt that got tracked through our house from the dirt mound our front yard has become now that they dug THAT up.

Tillie all ready a few hours before the snow comes.

So the whole weekend was filled with homemade cooking and ripping up all my area rugs and furniture to do a really deep cleaning so I felt like my house was livable again.

Roast chicken today, chicken and dumplings tomorrow

I really was not expecting for it to take the ENTIRE weekend. But it did and I usually ended the day with a glass of wine and a hot bath in the hopes of blogging after...but usually ended up passing out from all of the cleaning and shoveling.

So IM BACK! and will be blogging like crazy the next few days to fill you all in!


  1. I'm glad your house is getting put back in order and you survived the shitmageden and snowmageden!

    1. hehe thanks :) restoration starts in the next week or that means more cleaning but slowly we are getting our house back!

  2. Glad your house is in order. Those meals look yummy!