Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend recap

Tillie and I had one more lesson going into this weekend. I left this one feeling satisfied and still in good spirits! Which right now, feeling accomplished and good after a ride is the ultimate goal.

Luckily for me, Tillie has been on point and allowing me to concentrate more on me. She has been far surpassing my expectations and all of my trainers lately it seems! 

Tillie says this is easy!

So this Friday we did a gymnastics lesson that Tillie totally ate up while we focused more on my form. I really struggle with dropping her at the last second and something with my body over the last fence that instantly makes Tillie go wild. 

I still see stiffness in my shoulders and butt not back enough which indicates a weak core.

So we worked on me staying taller and hands staying off her neck to get out of that safety blanket. I am still hunching/collapsing in my I having a hard time finding the balance between staying taller in my body and folding at the hip as well as not sitting too soon for landing. 

I guess it doesnt look too but I have faith we will keep improving.

Some videos from the end:

Yesterday our farm hosted a fun Combined training show and I decided afterwards to sneak in a ride. I jumped around the Novice course and was just smiling like a big kid...Miss Tillie jumped everything no questions, slices, bending lines...whatever I threw at her. She ate it up and it feel easy and fun. WOOOO!!! there was a time jumping her was slightly nightmarish...heavy on the marish. So just getting on a schooling like it was no big was refreshing and again a huge help to keeping my confidence on track.

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