Friday, August 14, 2015

When life gets crazy - update from our neck of the woods

Unfortunately, I have little to update in regards to riding....Since last Tuesday's lesson with D, I took a few days to mentally build myself up again. I felt that if I rode again and had another off ride it would mean losing the confidence I have slowly gotten back. I also know I probably should have just gotten back on the next day with a fresh slate rather than build it in my head...but work ended up being crazy busy the rest of the week with me prepping to be out of the office the following week. Yay no work for a week!!!

I then had to go home and prep for horse summer camp this week. My time off work is used to do more work!!! But really, I love it and it helps me pay off the large vet bills my accident-prone horse can't resist.

 I only got to squeeze in a ride Saturday. It wasnt phenomenal but it wasnt bad either...all in all it was a good flat school without anything out of ordinary. That is always a good thing.

 Then sunday came and Miseventer was going to come meet up with me to watch but Tillie's left shoe was so loose I had horrific images of it twisting or something and decided to not risk it. No biggie, put in a call to my farrier to come out and he said he would Tuesday. 

Tillie enjoying the attention from summer camp students

Well Summer camp started so my intentions of blogging got sidetracked to say the least. My farrier couldnt make it until Wednesday. I had camp kids so couldnt stand with him like usual and at the end he gave me an overview and said no big deal, but Tillie was sore all over her left front foot. Said to pack it with magic cushion overnight and no bute unless for some odd reason she got worse. Me being me perked up at any sound of discomfort and started to quiz him on the why's and what should I be doing:

  1. Her feet were flaky this cycle which he said many have been locally with all the wet and dry weather...wet all night and baking hot and hard ground all day.
  2. Her previous farrier had her toes long and break over in the wrong spot 
  3. He had to take more foot than he would have liked to get to good foot 
So I wasnt too worried. I packed her and tucked her in for the night without pulling her out of her stall. 

Tillie all tucked in

Well i get here the following  (yesterday) all excited to turn her out and ride her after the last few days off. Except Tillie had other ideas. Her left front leg was pretty hot and swollen and she was clearly short and uncomfortable at the trot...she seemed ok at the walk. **sigh** so I called the vet.

Ok Tillie may be worth more than that now...but still!
The vet came and was shocked I called saying she didnt look terribly uncomfortable or off. I guess since I know her so well I thought it looked worse...sooooooo I basically spent hundreds of dollars for him to tell me she has thin soles....**head desk** (We did some other diagnostics to rule out the swelling etc)
Tillie waiting for the vet begging the kids for more attention

UGH!! I have been working this horse and jumping her all summer with no indication of sore feet or any tenderness until now. I am quite baffled. Also I am trying not to over think it. 

But this is me we are talking about. So I will try to ride her this weekend if she seems comfortable enough.

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  1. Ugh c'mon tillie stay sound!! :( hopefully this was just a weird blip an she will be back 100% soon!!