Monday, August 31, 2015

Life on stall rest

As most of you know, Tillie has had the last two weeks off from being a bit foot sore after a recent trim. Well, as always when she is out of work she gets herself into trouble...

We are looking at another possible two weeks of rest, but this time in a stall. Fellow blogger Emma found Tillie Saturday morning with a pretty nasty wound that ended up requiring stitches.

WARNING: Below pictures are graphic and show the isnt big or anything, but does show blood...
Emma's picture first finding it.

All cleaned out before the vet arrives.

Wrapped and waiting for the vet...Mare was quite the pistol coming in. Prancing sideways and all sorts of proud of herself. 

The vet suturing it up after lots or protesting to the block....even under sedation.
More stitches.

The next day getting some fresh air.

Her face is just too cute...I cant stay mad too long even if her silly injuries are just silly.


  1. Oh no! :( Poor Tillie (and poor you!)

  2. oh poor disaster-prone Tillie..... ugh. one of these days she's gonna make up all this time off to you. one of these days!! (and hopefully sooner rather than later!!) what a relief that the injury wasn't worse!

  3. Poor Tillie! Glad it's not to serious. Hope she has a speedy recovery.

  4. Oh no. Horses sure do find the most "interesting" ways of keeping themselves entertained.