Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Well now I feel silly

You know my post about being a worry warrior? Yea I really wasnt kidding about that. I have been going crazy with anxiety and worry since Tillie came in Sunday clearly uncomfortable and not wanting to stand on her right hind leg. 

She was weight bearing, but cocking it a lot and was lame 2-3/5 at the walk. When I see lameness at the walk, it tends to take my worry to a whole new level. 

I apparently let it fucking destroy me
I was a bit of a mess Monday night after icing her since I didnt see much of a change in swelling...She was walking sound and standing on it better, but I was really concerned it was soft tissue. There wasnt much to do but wait as best I could for my vet appointment Tuesday night.

Let me tell you, trying to work all day and concentrate really fucking sucked. But I did get a wonderful update from Emma that Tillie saw the chiro/acupuncturist:

sleepy mare
Good news was Tillie was out in all the usual places and the ulcer point she didnt react to that badly! Her lower neck was a bit out, which is typical for her as well as the usual competition horse areas. She got acupuncture treatment and the Chiro pinpointed some points to help with her leg and swelling.

Tillie hasnt seen the chiro since earlier this summer so it was nice to hear that she still feels good despite some of the harder work we have been doing (despite recently...the last week or so not really riding as much)

I darted out of work and waited in the warmth of my truck...I really thought I was going to lose my mind at this point.

I spy with my little eye....guess this little fox really wanted some cat food

My vet pulls in and I run ahead of him while he unpacks to unwrap the leg. As I unwrap it holding my breath I kind of looks normal. I turn to my friend and ask "this looks normal doesnt it?!" I didnt have my hopes up quite yet...soft tissue can hide and swelling not be present.

Vet comes in and I give him the debriefing all over...He nods and asks if Tillie is on ace. LOL. He said she looked sleepy and was oddly calm (mind you hes mostly seen her when she was 4-5 yrs old on stall rest for months or sedates her immediately depending on what he needs to do).

He looks at the leg and says hmmm looks normal, no heat. Lets take her for a jog.

Well the idea Tillie was sleepy or on ace quickly subsided when Tillie saw the fox that was playing near the barn and morphed into full on stallion mode complete with arched neck, prancing, blowing etc.

Luckily she kept her shit together and we walked and trotted back and forth a few times and my vet kept said she was how lame?...

To my delight Tillie was completely and utterly sound. My vet reassured me she was fine and whatever she did is behind us and did make me feel a bit better about my neurosis with that leg  saying he thought we would never beat her ailments there.

He said her weight looks awesome and she looks to be in good shape and just asked about any other concerns I havent already pestered him about. So he left me with more depo and off he went.

Feeling extremely silly for my worrying and anxieties was dulled only by the sheer joy of hearing she is fine. SIDE NOTE: This has NEVER been the case for anything...her ailments big or small always end up more complicated then usual. So my relief was so much that tears of joy welled up in my eye but the subzero weather we suddenly have quickly made me hold it back for fear of being more ridiculous and freezing on my face.

We are still in it 2016! Now lets hope Tillie keeps her shit together.


  1. That's great news! I'd rather be careful/cautious and look silly sometimes than put off calling the vet for too long. So glad your girl is ok!!! :D

  2. I've been there...I'm so happy Tillie is all good! :)

  3. That's such good news. Glad she's ok. Silly mare making you worry like that!