Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Making the best of the crummy weather...

Despite me feeling a bit down and out personally, I still am quite excited about Tillie and where we are for the most part.

I am trying my best to keep my demons at bay and focus on how fact Tillie has caught on to things lately...you know focus on the good rather than the bad (like our dressage has felt not as great lately).

Hail balls that were pelting us while riding
To make up for not being able to go to P's weekly jump lesson to try to teach what I could at home...I attempted to school at home so we dont lose the momentum we have had over fences.

Mother nature surely made things interesting and decided to start raining and hailing on us which made Tillie a bit reactive, my cold with them managing to get down my jacked and the footing sloppy. BUT a good barn friend convinced me to try anyway saying that one day I may be competing in something like this and we are eventers...so you know we are supposed to be tough an all.

Tillie looking like a drowned rat

So we started getting ready and setting up....and Tillie had many opinions about everything being in heat and all. I also realized my weirdo horse likes to poop on the wall when in heat:

See fresh one? Yea...and all the other old stains too?

Tillie shaming out of the way...she was a trooper and pushed through despite the weather. It was honestly one the fastest most productive jump school. Excluding warm up took about 15 min, but the mare was so good that we both agreed to stop when we did.

Starting to look like an eventer! 

Mares got springs! 

We warmed up over a small x which slowly built up to low bounces to a one stride vertical to a one stride oxer. We eventually tested Tillie a bit by raising the last vertical of the bounce into the first one stride and the final oxer. She was fabulous!

Here is the compilation:


  1. That weather sucks! If you ever need to commiserate on life sucking, you have my contact info. Otherwise I suggest a glass of wine and rewatching Dom videos because everyone loves a man with an accent saying how awesome your horse is. ;)

    1. Lol that sounds like a GREAT plan actually!

  2. She looked fabulous down that grid - didn't even give the sketchy footing a second glance! Good mare!!

  3. What a good mare. And as for the mare shaming... at least she's not like the mare that lives next to my guys. She's been in heat lately and had started to push the wall between them into his stall. Mares!