Monday, April 11, 2016

Motivate Me Monday

This weekend the weather was reallllllly crummy and just not that appealing. I did still ride however and will post about that tomorrow. Today I realized that I was a bit down and out this weekend. Maybe its been all this "not so great" weather so it means seeing barn friends less....maybe its the fact I havent been able to teach so income is stressing me out.

Either way, it sucks. And to top it off, I tend to feed off once I am feeling weak, my overly sensitive side kicks in and FOMO starts to happen, self doubt etc.

Tillie says cheer up! 
I am trying not to get too down and just have faith that I am a smart adult and things will get less stressful.  I am working hard to stay motivated today especially since we have our first outing this weekend showing BN to start  off our season.

Right now the inspiration just isnt coming. Yet, I couldnt be more proud of Tillie lately and I am so excited for my barn mates on their first outing being such a huge success!! (You can read Emma's take on it here).

Not sure whats going on....if this does all boil down to not being able to teach so I am stressing about income (my teaching pays for my horse hobby only - its how I can afford it outside of my day job). Its funny how happiness and security can be so fickle...when just last weekend I was riding high! Ah such is life I guess.

Anyway...lets here what motivates you when you get down?


  1. I hope you start to feel better soon. Mother nature need to get her s*** together. Hopefully we'll start getting some good weather.

  2. We all have rough patches, but what helps me is to embrace my inner child. Go for a bareback gallop (me) or take some extra time to make your horse pretty (if galloping bareback seems insane). Just something that makes you happy and you can forget about all the struggles. I call them my mental health days.

  3. I totally understand that waffling confidence thing. I always revert to the as-if principle...

  4. I'm feeling the same way right now. Really not bad rides over the weekend, but still feeling a heavy case of the blehs.

  5. I think anticipation is maybe the most volatile emotion - it can go from intense excitement to dread in the drop of a hat. Fear of the unknown is buried in there too. But you guys are COOKIN right now. Trust your training. Trust your preparation. And watch videos from your xc school and Dom clinic and get PUMPED!!

  6. INspiration Fitness blrs on TUmblr usually help me. I hope you are able to teach soon :(