Monday, October 24, 2016

You get what you put in

Sooo much exciting stuff happening on our end over here that I don't even know where to begin or if I can fit it all in one post.

So for now, all I will say is I have a few lesson posts to update you all on where we are under saddle that will be forthcoming...and Ill have time to finally do it with Tillie needing a few days off starting tomorrow.

Just a preview from our XC lesson last saturday
No worries, Tillie is in pretty darn good health according to my vet. Better yet, she is sound and he couldn't be more happy to see how she is moving. After some flexion tests and discussing some various conversations with my trainers recently we touched on injections.

I knew injections would be needed eventually and have started preparing myself, and bank account for when that time would come. I figured by next year, and wasn't all that surprised with the recommendation that she could start this year as well.

Those hocks get a lot of use
I have had the injection conversation with all of my trainers at this point...and they all agreed that if my bank account was up for it, maybe now wouldn't be such a bad time to give them a try.

I have touched on some recent frustrations with being able to half halt my horse when it comes to jumping. It has improved a lot, but two of my trainers suggested I have her SI, stifles and hocks examined since her answer always seems to be unload the hind end and lean on my hands down...rule out pain and all that first right?

Like this example from sometime earlier this season
So answers have been found and after some deliberation, Ill be having Tillie's hocks done tomorrow. I am fortunate I have two vets I use one being SUPREMELY reasonable on pricing and very affordable. Hopefully shell only be laid up a few days before we are back at it!

At least our lesson Saturday was a good last lesson before shes laid up for a bit

With all that said, I am very excited about it...and nervous because what horse mom wouldn't be!? Dom is also eager to see how it will help us with some of our recent training struggles...although some recent tack changes have seemed to significantly improve some of these. More on that to come soon!

So any one else do join injections? If so, how did you decide on when to start them and how often?


  1. I hope the injections help! :) Apollo had fetlock injections and it didn't really make a difference, I suspect he will need more as we do more jumping.

    1. Thanks! I am hoping they do help - or rather have a noticeable effect. Glad to hear it worked for you!

  2. I get Nilla's hocks injected once a year. She may need to start getting them twice a year though. They definitely help, but it doesn't completely solve the problem. I have had a lot of success with the back on track hock boots before tough lessons/shows.