Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Seasons change...and so do we

I know its been quite some time since my last post on here and I really have no excuse or interestingly profound reason other than life just happened which meant a bit of less consistent riding so less content to write about.

Tillie sharing my sentiments about how we feel about work lately

I also left off mentioning in my last few blog posts struggling to find motivation. I even deferred my last event entry of the season to instead do a dressage show next month making it our first official dressage show where we will ride First level test 2 & 3 as our dressage diva debut.

Dressage diva alright
I know, we are really fucking fancy now guys.

Seriously though, its been nice to take some time to relax and as we start moving towards winter Tillie's workload will lighten but will not stop. The mare can not be thrown out to pasture and hang out on a vacation. So I have been evaluating what is next and regrouping after this season.

Of course I am proud and have made that abundantly clear in my previous posts. But I am my own worst critic so currently growing a very long list of things Tillie and I will be working on now that the event show season is over for us.

Yes, I got cheesy and clipped a heart on Tillie's rump after her full body clipping

I won't delve into a crazy long what have we been up to since my last blog post, because that's just wayyy too much. I have slowly ramped back up again and haven't ever stopped least not dressage there is much to discuss.

But in a nutshell:

  1. Fall means fire breathing dragon Tillie on some days, and a really good girl others (basically inconsistent AF)
  2. Body Clipping is my new least favorite thing...but not as much as a sweaty, long haired horse that wont dry for hours even with a cooler on
  3. We may be re-evaluating tack and equipment soon in more than one area **oh joy**
  4. Vet physical was positive and most importantly I have a happy and SOUND horse after this season, but some more support may be necessary.
  5. My inner artist has reared its ugly head again
  6. Off season goals include: learning how to gallop, refining the half halt, my learning how to jump my horse not like a ninny...well the list goes on. I'm sure Ill write an entire post on this later.
I've been starting to draw people's horses because I clearly am not already busy enough

That is all I have for now. Ill be sure to follow up in more detail on some items...but we are doing well and starting to work our way out of a rut so to speak.

At least she's cute

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  1. Love your drawing! Excited for more Tillie details soon :)