Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Going back to basics

I am still catching up on blog posts since I have been a bit MIA on here for a while. But basically in our land, we are filling in holes and re-assessing basics.

Going back to basics often is a good thing, but it can often times feel like a step back. I am trying not to allow that feeling to creep in because basics are, after all, the foundation. Without those building blocks everything else will come crashing down at some point.

So we can get killer jump form like this again
My last jump lesson with Dom last week, we kept the jumps low...we tried a new bit and wanted to work on some of my own frustrations and to iron out my own inconsistencies. Like being able to see a distance.

We warmed up over a x-rail - simple enough right? But it was a great way to establish how this new bit felt:

Pretty  quickly I felt a difference and Dom and I discussed saving this bit for competing only, or schooling XC. He recommended we keep schooling in our snaffle bit in the hopes she would learn from the gag and carry it over to the loose ring snaffle.

So Dom sent us through a mini course with a line which has been giving us the most trouble lately since she locks on and gets flat through them. Basically not giving me any response to a half halt at all...but she did and it was more or less me needing to work on finding the right canter and then leaving it alone:

It would help if we didn't almost run into someone

Dom sent us through the outside line a few times to feel how riding different approaches to the first jump and how it changes the ride to the second. So here is getting the chip in, which isn't the ride we want but tends to be what I do as a rider when I cant see a distance:

So he reversed the course and had us run through it again this time we found a slightly better rhythm:

Now I need to learn how to keep her forward through the turns with her responding better to the half halt so we can get the better distance. As Dom says "Getting to the base or deep to the fence doesn't always mean by adding a stride, it sometimes means pushing the stride out to get closer"


  1. I like Dom's quote at the end! I have no gift for seeing distances, still at the "point horse towards jump and add leg/hope"stage haha