Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A little distance and the right distance

It has been far too long since I have been able to make it out to a jump lesson with P. I finally caved and we got one on the books for last night which typically we dont do weeknights. A little distance isnt a bad thing...because it was nice to catch up with P and talk about what she has seen improved, what she see still needs work and actually get to work!

Sleepy Tillie and Wick
It has been such a long time I found myself getting anxious in anticipation to see P and wondering if Tillie would even remember being at this farm. Tillie was fine, and has become such a pro at new places (minus the whole dressage part). She hacked out to the ring with her head so low and relaxed I thought she might face plant.

She warmed up wonderfully, which after the previous day's ride was a pleasant surprise. What is so nice about lessons with P is the small stuff I usually work on for dressage I can sort of let melt away and test its staying power here...also for both Tillie and I to let loose and NOT have to stress about the small stuff every single ride.

Gettin it! Tillie didnt even bat an eye at the corner
We warmed up over an outside line and Tillie hit the striding dead on. P sent us around to warm up over the skinnies...Tillie just jumped over them like no biggie guys - which is awesome considering skinnies tend to be the rare time where she questions.

Video of the skinnies:

Next P has us jump a three jump line which rode in 3 strides each...the middle jump was at an angle though so we had to jump it almost slicing it. I knew Tillie wouldnt be bothered by this at all and just sit up and maintain an even 3.

The second part we got a bit short, but P admitted her set up was off but liked how Tillie adapted despite that. She adjusted it and said we would get to do it again when we did the entire course.

Then P pulled out the corner which I felt fine with, but knew I would have to come in really tall and confident since it was skinny. To my surprise Tillie ate it right up:

P put the jumps up a bit higher and sent us through a course. I realize in hindsight that I need to start getting better about riding distances when height changes...I am bad about this in the moment. BUT what was cool about my fails, Tillie really stepped up to the plate and showed me how much shes grown up. While there were some looooong distances which got Tillie a bit flat, what I really likesd was how well she recovered and excited that now we can start getting better at finding the right distance.

All in all it felt really good. P seemed to be pleased and really didnt have much feedback other than the obvious ride more to the base but felt that I did a good job when she didnt recovering and fixing it for the next one and reassured me it would come with more miles for both of us. She agreed based on what we talked about the Training level was within our sights and we chatted about the possibility of trying it out at the recognized event this farm hosts since we know it and can school it before they close off the course.

P actually said she felt height wasnt the issue for us, but rather the questions out XC since she hasnt seen us go XC yet. Can we do coffins? Banks into water etc... But promised we would try sometime soon to try to get out there and start testing the waters.

So we shall see! Where ever we are thats feelin this good is where we will be.


  1. wasn't that course super fun?!? tho the last 3 in that bending line always came up super tight haha... anyway that all sounds suspiciously like a plan for training - exciting!!

  2. This is so awesome!!! You guys have improved so much