Friday, June 10, 2016

countdown to our first recognized is on...

...and I reallllly am hoping we dont make a fool of ourselves. Tillie schooling yesterday in our smaller dressage-ish sized ring was much better, so today I am planning to try schooling her out in the grass to test if we learned anything from the smaller ring.

I bought all the stuff for braiding - fair warning - I may cry like a proud mother does when sending her kids off to the first day of school.

allll the yarn
The plan is simple, treat it just like any other show. I am not worried about time, just going around clear like all the other starter trials we have done. Im really excited to return to Plantation since last year we were just starting out and it was interesting to say the least. I am fairly confident going in we will keep a lid on things (jumping im totally confident) dressage is still give or take the situation.

Got my ride times!
So wish us luck!!!