Thursday, June 23, 2016

no new media but so much going on

I really need to invest in a helmet camera or tripod or something because the lack of media is disappointing...but there is much to be said!

waiting for our lesson - See the giant scalped portion on her tail...
After Tillie's near miss this weekend, I took it real easy on her Sunday and Monday and did a short trail ride with some trot sets and then maybe a 15-20 minute dressage school. One I did in our smaller enclosed ring, the other in our grass dressage arena that we only set up in the summer around show season when we do mini shows for our students.

I have chosen to stay in the smaller rings lately because of the realization that when I ride tests, I get a bit claustrophobic and panic slightly when doing movements at how fast the boundaries come up. My new goal was to get comfortable not only riding in the smaller arena, but ride FORWARD in the smaller arena.

It was a nice exercise since it was during feeding time in the morning before work and Tillie was a bit unfocused to start...not unlike at a show. It was also nice because we did ultimately end up getting relaxed and a nice school in there!

I will supplement photos with all the healthy food im trying to eat
With Training level on the horizon, I am starting to take my own rider fitness more seriously, which includes eating better. The salad above was my take on paneras Asian sesame chicken salad with avocado and boy is it yummy! Ive pre-measured breakfast portions of fruit, really trying to drink more water and seriously considering getting a fit bit to track my steps to force myself to be more active.

This also means being more aware of Tillie's fitness so Ive been conscious of trying to incorporate hills, trot sets and soon to be gallop sets.

strawberry-blueberry basil infused water with pineapple salsa pork roast,
cilantro-lime shrimp green beans and roasted rosemary garlic mushroom potatoes

Why the sudden focus on this? Well, my recent dressage lesson with C on Tuesday really kicked my ass...and while I am getting better at events not getting winded, I know when we go up a level I need to be able to get out of my horses way and help her as much as I can when/if she gets tired.

Waiting to tack up for our dressage lesson
My dressage lesson with C on Tuesday was much needed and by far the highest level stuff we have worked on to date. We spent a lot more time in sitting trot (which I got a "its definitely improved!") and in canter. We really focused on more of the outside aids which is a newer thing/feeling for me because I dont think shes bent enough, but she is...

LONG overdue pics of my dressage saddle
Tillie's work on extending the trot has come leaps and bounds and we worked on riding them more into the corner and not just peeling wheels around the turn. So in essence, this lesson was all about the half halt.

As much as I worry about Tillie getting too strong in canter and not stopping, she kept breaking because of how hard the canter work was. I know its an old out of date fear, so C reminded me that when I half halt I need to make sure I add even more leg to keep the canter going. Part of the breaking at first is her saying OMG this is hard, the other part confused and responding to my half halt.

Front of the saddle!
We practiced cantering BIG and then bringing it back, cantering across our diagonal and at X asking for trot and making sure it wasnt a running trot, but balanced - again really using a nice clean and QUICK half halt.

We did some tear drop exercises and canter transitions were on point.

I worry we cant come close to that at home or on our own without C around...but Ill keep trying!! C is pushing us more and more to do more dressage shows. She thinks we would do quite well...but I responded that I would only go if she could to coach us lol.

So who knows maybe more dressage in our future!!


  1. Your food looks amazing! And if you have a newer iPhone, it will track your steps (I'm obsessed).

  2. Eating right and working out always has me feeling like a million bucks, hope it helps you too!