Monday, September 21, 2015

Guess who's back in business!!

Hopefully without any more hiccups!  Tillie is back in work and we have had 2 rides under saddle so far. I rode in the PF jump saddle and so far realllllly LOVE IT! I may have to ask Emma write a guest blog on it since shes been borrowing it and riding in it much more then I have so far...
After the first ride back! 
First ride, we kept it simple and I really only expected basics. I re-pushed some buttons to make sure they are fully installed and not sticky or rusty ;) All was good and there was no sass or unnecessary excitement. 
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Just cuz shes cute! 
Second ride back we braved the canter...and it woke the beast a bit to say the least. She was perfectly fine and did exactly what I expected which was celebrate how fun going fast is!!! She did some head tossing, shoulder flinging and finally some dolphin diving/leaping to really express how much she enjoyed stepping up a gear. 
Clearly please with herself after the second ride...notice my stubben has slipped forward from the head-between-the-knees celebrations. 
Tillie really clearly enjoyed herself in our ride and was eager to work. A good friend who has seen Tille go a lot over the last two years remarked how even she looked and it looked like she was the most "sound" and comfortable ever!

One of my students taking Tillie out after our ride.

Tillie has gained quite the belly while out of work!


  1. yay!!!!!! i'm so glad Tillie is back in action - she clearly missed being in work lol. so glad you love the saddle too - i REALLY like it and am bummed that it doesn't fit isabel, otherwise i'd totally pay you real money for it haha.