Saturday, April 8, 2017

Jumping all the things

As I have already stated in my other recent blog posts, since coming back into work with Tillie, my entire outlook and approach has sort of evolved in a much more "less is more" stance. The pressure is off resulting in a happier me and a much happier Tillie.

We even did the pinwheel of death without fighting!
Most of that pressure last year was a result from personal things outside of horses and I didnt realize how much it affected me and my riding. I understand now when horse professionals say the largest part of training and riding is keeping all of that in check.

I get it. But way easier said than done.

Tillie agrees
Even when Tillie has given me sass lately...rather than get upset or taking it personally, I laugh! Sure I put my leg on or do what I have to to correct it at times. But most of the time not playing into it seems to do the trick and it has eliminated it to the point it only happens every few rides rather than a few times a ride. 

Tillie likes the new laid back style

So my goal this year is to not let the pressure build. Dont use riding and this as an escape so much so that it creates pressure that leads to it being less enjoyable. So what could be more enjoyable than jumping my super fun mare over some super fun jumps?!

Seriously, shes like a sports car!

February she was still feeling sassy:

Her locking on and sitting that booty down to jump rather than push with her shoulder...<3

Then jumping 3'9 earlier this month:


  1. So glad to hear that things are less pressured and more fun.